Zero Up 2 Review – Is Zero Up 2 Legit?

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Zero Up 2 REVIEW

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Created by online business mentor Fred Lam for ecommerce automation

Zero Up 2 is a new breakthrough software package for automating an entire ecommerce business

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Thanks for stopping by to check our Zero Up 2 Review. For those who don’t know us, we never review a SINGLE PRODUCT unless we get it, use it and know whether or not it really works.

The Zero Up’s vendor has built the complete eCommerce AUTOMATION software that everyone said was impossible. The Zero Up product package contains Software, Training Modules and Hand Holding Guidance.

It is built for anyone with zero experience to build a profitable eCommerce business in less than half an hour and tools that will help people scale their online business.

Zero Up 2.0 will help entrepreneurs convert their vision into reality or sales that whatever you want to call it! It will help them build a customer friendly store, saving them the hustle and confusion that they will most likely experience when doing it alone.

Review Verdict: Zero Up 2 is a legitimate product that works

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What Are The Key Benefits Of Using Zero Up 2?

While Shopify is very user friendly, it usually takes new users a lot of time to set up. This is mostly because most new store owners don’t even know what their store should look like, much less know how to use the Shopify backend platform.

You spend a lot of time trying to learn the options rather than actually choosing one! Zero Up 2 software package translates all the terms into language you easily understand helping you save time trying to understand terms and features you do not necessarily even need. It filters and simplifies the information giving, store owners a completely functional store in under 5 minutes!

If you have been thinking of venturing into drop shipping then Zero Up 2 software is something you really need to take seriously. Selling products from China became really easy for us after using this software.

You simply search for your product of choice on the Zero Up 2 platform. When you locate it you simply click on Publish and voila, your product instantly be ready for sale, and all the essential store details you usually need to customize manually will be completely done up for you!

Completing orders is usually a hassle, whether your run a physical or online store. So many boring processes… If you share my sentiments then you are going to really love Zero Up’s order automation feature. The order fulfillment process becomes 100% automated when using Zero Up 2.

Review Verdict: Zero Up 2 is a legitimate product that works

Visit Zero Up 2 Website

Integrating Zero Up 2 With Your Email Marketing Campaign

For a long time businesses have been stuck with email integrations which usually limit their businesses due to their limited functionality. Zero Up integrates with more than twelve of the best auto responders in the industry.

They have included several great features that will definitely boost your online business’ performance. You can now retain the addresses of those who abandon their shopping carts as well as group email addresses according to the products they bought.

Once a customer is in the buying mood it is always easy to get them to buy just a little extra. That’s why there is always some candy near the cashier at the department store. You are already spending money anyway so how big of a deal will one little candy bar make? Zero Up 2 helps you do something seimilar. You can now sell on your Thank You page too and not annoy your customer. You can include a coupon, video or even customized messages which will convince your customer to add just one little product into their cart. This subtle feature will boost your sales by nearly 30%!

It is crucial for any online store to have simple yet efficient sales funnels. Not so long that your visitors become bored and not too short either or your visitors end up not being convinced. Zero Up 2 knows that every business is different and so are their customers. For that reason you are free to develop the whole funnel according to your needs. This includes making custom landing pages as well. The icing on the cake is that you can split test your product pages and increase your sales further!

Conclusion about Zero Up 2


At the end of the day, we have found that Fred fulfills everything he promises Zero Up 2 will deliver, and his tools have cut our Shopify business management time and expenses greatly, hence we highly recommend it for all online business owners who are selling with Shopify.

Fred Lam is an online entrepreneur who really stuck with it! He has been running e-commerce stores for more than 12 years and is also a successful internet marketer. Through this he generated over $20 million in revenue and still continues to soar higher. His other passion is to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed. He has devoted countless hours training his students using online teaching sessions and answering numerous questions online.


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