Does TradeOnix Really Work?

Last updated: 7 Jun, 2016

Type: Forex Trading
Skill Level: Beginner
Trusted: Yes

About TradeOnix System

  • Before you start with using Russ’s TradeOnix system, you will be asked to set aside a trading capital account, and this money should not be what you need as living expenses in the next few months nor should it be too little. Only once you have set aside a trading capital that you can afford to let it fluctuate, then should you fully go into executing the TradeOnix strategy.
  • What I really like about TradeOnix is that I can trade from anywhere in the world where I can fire up my laptop. I”ve even used it on one of  my vacations and the profits from using the system even paid up for all my travel expenses, which was quite incredible. Russ’s puts a lot of emphasis on only entering low risk setups, therefore my account has not seen any large drawdowns compared to a few other Forex systems I have used before.
  • For those who are still wondering whether you should get TradeOnix, I would say that I definitely recommend it if you would like to profit consistently from the Forex markets. You can follow the link in my video description below, to get the latest updates on TradeOnix, and also to be alerted as soon as TradeOnix goes live for the public to access.
  • Good luck with your Forex career, and see you inside Russ Horn’s TradeOnix membership area!



Exclusive Bonuses and Offers:

  • Exclusive trading reports
  • Personal trading blog
  • Fully interactive trading forum
  • New trading software and upgrades
  • Trading and instructional videos
  • Live webinar Dates
  • Recording of Previous Webinars
  • Post any trading question and get a personal answer
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