Does Pete’s Daily Nap Really Work?

Last updated: 11 Jun, 2016

Type: Racing
Skill Level: Beginner
Trusted: Yes

About Pete’s Daily Nap

  • Have you been buying techniques of horse racing but failing? Are you are buying method after method to defeat the bookies, but still losing? Everybody punter knows that beating the bookie is difficult, but are you aware that by using staking strategy and the correct program, it’s really feasible to create some extra cash out of horseracing? Pete’s Daily Nap has helped me understand how to do this with their step by step strategy.

It’s also great to understand what is Pete’s Daily Nap software for racing. One misunderstanding many beginner gamblers have is the fact that the risky gambles need to be made to make good money with racing. This is often false, since the way the public is betting just determines the chances, and also the bookies Pete’s Daily Nap system uses to alter their chances appropriately to ensure that they profit whatever the result. Pete’s Daily Nap has been giving me great information on how to take advantage of the inconsistencies in racing bookies. You may also browse jockey and the coachs’ shows before determining whether you have found a great choice. These details is common online, on the monitor and in the newsstands as well.


Overview of Pete’s Daily Nap:

  • Pete’s Daily Nap is a seemingly new horse racing tipster service that is operated by the eponymous Pete Creswell that provides users with a daily horse racing tip.

When compared to a lot of tipster services which seem to involve throwing a lot of the proverbial at the wall and seeing what sticks, Pete’s Daily Nap is something of a breath of fresh air. Everything is refreshingly straight forward whilst Pete Creswell seems to be the kind of tipster who is more interested in building a name for himself than trying to make a quick buck.

In terms of what you can expect from Pete’s Daily Nap, there is just one tip per day, a NAP selection.

These have rather varied odds with winners ranging from 1.91 BSP going as high as 12.07 BSP however generally you are looking at between 3-6 BSP.

The staking plan is recommended to be a level affair with Pete Creswell working out the income potential of Pete’s Daily Nap based on £10 stakes. In terms of the strike rate, Pete’s Daily Nap has an average of 28.2% between January and March this year.