Is Webcaster WP Legit?

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Webcaster WP REVIEW

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Created by professional online marketer Bill Hugal for upgrading your site with video overlays

Webcaster WP is a new breakthrough platform that boost conversion rates up to 72%

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Webcaster WP is the exciting, cutting-edge WordPress Plugin that takes the user’s WordPress-based blogs and websites to a whole new level. It consists of up to 40 “Calls-To-Action” Video overlays, where they can select the actors right from your their WordPress Administration dashboard.

Does Webcaster WP Really Work?

This thing is incredible and has proven to increase opt-in rates to as much as 72%. That means with a quality, targeted traffic source, users are seeing as many as 720 opt-ins from 1,000 clicks.

Members can customize every pop-up, call to acton, and even choose the webcasters they want… (there are over 40 webcasters ready and waiting to help them improve their conversions and make more money).

We all know the importance of getting website visitors to take action when they hit your site. Opt-in box overlays are just about the last thing people want to see now, and they are usually closed within 1 second of them popping up! BUT Imagine this.. how about broadcasters, including “TV Weatherman” Todd Gross (from The Perfect Storm fame) coming out asking folks to take action?

Review Verdict: Webcaster WP is a legitimate product that works

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How Can Webcaster WP Help Your Business?

These generic “calls to action” are not limited to just asking visitors to click on a button, your broadcasters will also be asking people to opt-in to YOUR list.

The man behind this software is Bill Hugall. Bill is amongst the most famous internet marketers in the online marketing world. His team has created tons of valuable digital marketing products in recent years. Bill is the man behind great online products and many more successful digital product launches.

Have you ever seen those broadcasters that appear to be part of a web-page itself, and not hidden in a video player? You’re probably thinking that you will never be able to afford that for yourself, right? Well we do have a surprise for you, and it is called Webmaster WP!

Webcaster WP consists of up to 40 “Calls-To-Action” overlay videos, where YOU select the actors right from your WordPress Administration daskboard! This thing is incredible and has been tested to increase opt-in rates to as much as 72%.

Review Verdict: Webcaster WP is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Webcaster WP


The above are the types of plans you can choose from when joining Webcaster WP, hence members can pick the most suitable for their own business’ needs.

If you want to start making more money and collecting more leads,  then Webcaster Wp is definitely something for you to check out.


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