Super Affiliate Network Review – Is Super Affiliate Network SCAM?

The Super Affiliate Network is an online video training course and community dedicated to everything related to affiliate marketing and online business.

Naturally, I had to take a look, as many of their income claims are a little fishy and similar to the income claims coming from known legits.

In the sales video, the speaker mentions that the system is responsible for 1.2$ million income.

When the sales video ended, I figured it would be another legit.

But I decided to take a closer look, and everything that I learned about the program is in this Super Affiliate Network review.

Super Affiliate Network: The Basics

  • Name: Super Affiliate Network
  • Type: Video Training
  • Creator: Misha Wilson
  • Price: $37/month. 
  • Website:
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Misha Wilson’s The Super Affiliate Network is an interesting online course. The training is rather standard and delivered via online video classes and each class is dedicated to a specific area of affiliate marketing and online business.

But this product won’t teach you how to build a business from scratch, like our favorite training course will, but rather how to promote specific products with email marketing campaigns.

The goal of Super Affiliate Network is to teach people how to use email lists and solo-ads (and other email marketing methods) to promote their products and make cash.

The whole system is rather straightforward and it’s based on the same email marketing online business models that have been around for years.

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The Super Affiliate Network Prices:

  • $1 Trial for 30 days.
  • Basic Membership: $47/month.
  • Discount Membership (Skip The Trial): $35/month
  • VIP Membership: $2,000/year.

Short Review:

In my opinion, solo-ads are not the best way to promote a product due to several reasons.

For starters, solo-ads are usually sent out to low-targeted email lists that receive similar pitches every few minutes.

I doubt most of the emails will even be opened. Most will end up in the spam folder.

Secondly, the owners of legitimate email lists won’t send anything to their list unless it meets a certain criteria. 

They likely won’t want people to spam their list with generic online business courses.

Third, they’re expensive. Most people don’t have cash to spend on a training course while also having cash leftover for solo-ads.

Quality lists are even more expensive.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s possible to make a profit, but it’s not guaranteed.

So that’s one downside to the Super Affiliate Network; their dependency on solo-ads to build a business.

Things I Liked About The Super Affiliate Network..

Here are some things that I did like about this business, it’s not all bad.

1. Free Trial. 

There’s a free 1$ trial that you can use to take a look around the member’s area.

Of course, this doesn’t let you access all the training material and groups, but it does let you see what the full membership has in store for you.

I always think it’s great when a product lets you sign-up on a trial basis.

But do keep in mind that you’ll be charged $47/month when the trial expires, unless you cancel before it expires.

2. Quality Training. 

I have to admit that the training material is of quite high standard.

Their videos are very in-depth and well-done, it’s really easy to follow.

The focus of the videos is on how to promote high-ticket products as an affiliate marketer, making it easier for you to earn more.

It will also show you how to find these products, how to find leads, how to make a funnel, Copy-writing tips, drive traffic, and much more.

So there is a lot of value packed into the course.

3. Regular Webinars. 

I also liked how there are regular webinars within the member’s area, and sometimes Misha joins in.

Most of the time other people will be hosting the webinars, but these webinars are all quite interesting and full of value.

Since the video training is limited, the webinars are one reason to stick with the membership.

4. Misha Wilson is a Real Person. 

When I see a new online business product, my first instinct is to research the owner to see who he or she is.

In most cases, a fabricated name is slapped onto these products, and there’s no information about that person online.

From what I gathered, Misha Wilson is a real marketer with real experience and he genuinely wants to help other people reach the same goals.

I thought that was cool. He has a personal website too.

5. Facebook and Skype Groups. 

It’s always awesome to communicate with like-minded people.

What I Did’t Like..

Here are a few things that I didn’t like about The Super Wealthy Affiliate Network.

1. Too Many Up-sells. 

I wasn’t alone with this complaint either, this is one of the things most people dislike about this product.

There are way too many expensive up-sells!

It can be quite frustrating when you’re trying to watch a video while all these offers are trying to grab your attention.

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2. Problems With Accessing Videos. 

I noticed that some videos require a password, a password that only coaches know.

This pushes you to hire a coach and ask them for the password.

This was a little frustrating because if we pay for the full membership it’s only logical that we’ll want access to all the videos.

But some videos are locked.

That’s one major downside.

3. It Won’t Teach You How to Make a Website. 

Though there is some training material dedicated to traffic generation, The Super Affiliate Network does not teach you how to build a website or attract organic traffic.

You know, things that people are searching for in search engines like Google every second.

In my opinion, a website is a foundation to your online business, and everyone interested in online business should learn how to build one.

4. No Mention of Keyword Research. 

Keyword research is extremely important if you want to drive traffic to your website.

Successful Online Businesses Require Quality Traffic

I like to drive traffic organically by targeting keywords to rank fast on Google, but I also use social platforms and pay per click advertising.

I find creating organic traffic much more effective than using un-targeted solo ads.

And really, this method is one of the most effective methods to convert online sales.

It makes sense when you think about it. A person goes online, googles a question about a product and then makes a decision to purchase.

This is where you want to capture that lead.

When your online visitor is looking for a specific product, service or solution.

The Super Affiliate Network does not teach you how to drive traffic with keywords but focuses on more instant methods such as solo-ads and pay per click campaigns.

These methods are best to create leads or foster interest in your online product, but doesn’t typically convert to immediate online sales.

Our Conclusion of The Super Affiliate Network:

So let’s wrap up this Super Affiliate Review.

Generally, it’s an okay course, it does have a lot of good tips on how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

I think it’s better to learn how to build a website based on providing value.

Any website or online marketing system that makes good money provides it’s users with value in service or products.

I also prefer to have warm leads that are pre-targeted.

In other words, I like to rank content naturally based on what my niche audience is Googling on a daily basis.

This way my sales conversions are much higher.


Because I’m giving people what they want, when they want it.

I’m making contact with them via my website that helps them out with something in the midst of the buying process.

That’s all effective online businesses need to do.

That’s essentially effective online marketing.

If you want to learn how to do that, sign up with our most recommended online money-making course:

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