Rocket French Review by Rocket Languages – Is Rocket French Legit?

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Rocket French REVIEW

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Created by top online language school Rocket Languages for fast language learning

Rocket French is a new breakthrough online French learning course

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FULL REVIEW OF Rocket French

When we first sampled Rocket French (and before that Rocket Arabic), we admit that we didn’t have high expectations of the program but we were actually seriously impressed at the high quality of its audio content and dialogues. In fact it’s one of the most comprehensive sites we’ve ever seen for natural dialogue material. Grammar is demonstrated rather than just being explained and instead of just being a tedious literacy-based learning course, it really focuses on getting you to speak and listen to French better.

Why Does Rocket French Work So Well?

Rocket French uses what’s called a ‘chunking approach’ which means that they break the entire syllabus down into small pieces or segments so they can be easily absorbed and remembered. This is an approach that we have found most effective for learning new languages.

Review Verdict: Rocket French is a legitimate product that works

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Other Than Rocket French, Which Other Languages Are Taught in Rocket Languages?

As well as French, Rocket currently offers: Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic (Egyptian), Italian, Hindi, Chinese (Mandarin), German, , Sign Language (American) and English (for Spanish speakers).

There are 3 different pricing tiers – Combo, Premium  and Works.

While the Premium tier offers a lot of great content, the higher tiers provide more (with a significant price difference however).  The quality and comprehensiveness of its audio is what makes Rocket French different from most other French products. We were seriously impressed by the great quality and scope of the Rocket French audio and dialogues.

By comparison, it’s miles ahead of courses like Rosetta Stone. You’ll find naturally spoken French phrases and dialogues just as they’re used in real life by French speakers – something that’s hard to find in many other French resources. In Rocket French there’s a unique and wide variety of topics ranging from beginner level to advanced and they cover areas such sport, literature, France-specific topics, relationships and more. The best part is everything is accompanied by natural audio to improve your listening comprehension skills.

Review Verdict: Rocket French is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Rocket French


Rocket French is a little pricey compared to some other products but believe me – you will get years of use out of it. I’d happily recommend it because of the comprehensiveness of its content and great quality of its dialogues.

Some of the other features we’ve mentioned need improvement (or removal) but the natural audio is where Rocket French shines.


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