Profit With Paul Review – Is Profit With Paul Legit?

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Profit With Paul REVIEW


Run by professional horse race gambler Paul Gregg

Profit With Paul is a new breakthrough selective horse racing tipster service

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FULL REVIEW OF Profit With Paul

Are you currently thinking about joining the Profit With Paul horse race betting tipster service, and does its selective nature really generate enough profitable tips to produce profits every single month? This tipster service is run very much differently from most of the other services that we have tried before. The tips offered by its founder, Paul Gregg, are highly selective and each email will only ever contain one bet. His emails also do not have a fixed timing of arrival since Paul indicates that he needs to have all the information before sending out his tips, which can be in the early morning or later in the early afternoon. By following Profit With Paul, members do not necessarily have to bet every day.

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What Is The Profit With Paul Track Record So Far?


Bets Placed: 19
Wins: 11
Strike Rate: 57.9%
Profit: +19.35pts to Advised odds or +15.82pts to SP odds

What Is The Profit With Paul Track Record So Far?


Bets Placed: 19
Wins: 11
Strike Rate: 57.9%
Profit: +19.35pts to Advised odds or +15.82pts to SP odds

Winners List

[F] Felton Bellevue (9/2 Advised & SP) – 4th Jan
[F] Khan (7/2 Advised – 10/3 SP) – 10th Jan
Wonderwall (7/4 Advised – 6/4 SP) – 11th Jan
[F] Art Of Diplomacy (11/10 Advised – 10/11 SP) – 13th Jan
[F] West To The Bridge (7/2 Advised – 9/4 SP) – 17th Jan
Doctor Parnassus (3/1 Advised & SP) – 22nd Jan
[F] Royal Pagaille (5/2 Advised & SP) – 22nd Jan
[F] Sir Gregory (2/1 Advised & SP) – 24th Jan
[F] Theygreyvtain (5/2 Advised – 13/8 SP) – 25th Jan
[F] Pied Piper (11/8 Advised & SP) – 29th Jan
[F] Black Poppy (13/8 Advised – 5/6 SP) 31st Jan


Bets Placed: 16
Wins: 8
Strike Rate: 50.0%
Profit: +13.55pts to Advised odds or +10.62pts to SP odds

Winners List

[F] Dusart (4/7 Advised – 2/7 SP) – 2nd Feb
[F] Mellys Flyer (5/2 Advised – 2/1 SP) – 6th Feb
Douglas Talking (9/4 Advised & SP) – 6th Feb
Rosearelli (6/1 Advised – 5/1 SP) – 8th Feb
Amarillo Sky (3/1 Advised & SP) – 20th Feb
[F] Castle Robin (13/8 Advised – 5/4 SP) – 23rd Feb
[F] Espoir De Guye (11/10 Advised – 5/6 SP) – 25th Feb
Ballyandy (9/2 Advised – 4/1 SP) – 26th Feb


Bets Placed: 18
Wins: 8
Strike Rate: 44.44%
Profit: +11.10pts to Advised odds or +9.2pts to SP odds

Winners List

Nate The Great (5/1 Advised & SP) – 3rd Mar
[F] Buster Valentine (5/2 Advised – 2/1 SP) – 7th Mar
[F] Constitution Hill (9/4 Advised & SP) – 15th Mar
[F] L’Homme Press (9/4 Advised & SP) – 16th Mar
[F] Facile Vega (2/1 Advised – 15/8 SP) – 16th Mar
[F] Wind Tor (8/11 Advised – 8/13 SP) – 22nd Mar
Joke Danver (15/8 Advised & SP) – 26th Mar
Rectory Oak (9/2 Advised – 10/3 SP) – 30th Mar


Bets Placed: 11
Wins: 6
Strike Rate: 54.54%
Profit: +15.73pts to Advised odds or +11.28pts to SP odds

Winners List

Miss Amelia (6/1 Advised 4/1 SP) – 16th Apr
[F] Zabeel Champion (11/4 Advised & SP) – 16th Apr
[F] Gold Miner (11/10 Advised & SP) – 19th Apr
State Legen (9/2 Advised – 10/3 SP) – 23rd Apr
[F] Daytona Lady (15/8 Advised – 11/10 SP) – 28th Apr
Far To Shy (9/2 Advised & 4/1 SP) – 30th Apr


Bets Placed: 20
Wins: 11
Strike Rate: 55%
Profit: +24.38 pts to Advised odds or +22.38pts to SP odds

Winners List

[F] Symbol Of Hope (5/4 Advised & SP) – 2nd May
[F] IAryaah (2/1 Advised – 15/8 SP) 2nd May
[F] Atrium (7/2 Advised & SP) – 6th May
[F] Fragrance (13/8 Advised – 11/8 SP) – 9th May
[F] Go On Chez (5/4 Advised & SP) – 14th May
Arlecchino’s Gift (15/2 Advised & SP) – 19th May
One For Bille (7/2 Advised – 3/1 SP) – 23rd May
[F] Sound Reason (15/8 Advised – 13/8 SP) – 26th May
Im A Gambler (13/2 Advised & SP) – 28th May
[F] Clearpoint (11/8 Advised – 1/1 SP) – 30th May
[F] Tilsitt (3/1 Advised – 5/2 SP) – 30th May

All 5 betting months were profitable with the service running at a 52.38% average strike rate, finding 44 total winners out of 84 bets. Using the advised odds, the service has produced total profits of 84.11 points, averaging about 1 point profit per bet placed.

Consumer Alert Regarding Profit With Paul

The success of Profit With Paul has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their own fake services in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in joining from such fake sites. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are joining and should do some research before they join from any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about Profit With Paul, yet the write-up is completely garbage and unreadable as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. It is always better to avoid joining from any other site other than the official one. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers do careful research, or only join from the site from the official website here – (link opens in a new window). The official website that they have includes the legitimate service.



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