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Money And You REVIEW


Money And You is a new breakthrough financial development course

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Are you interested to know more about the Money And You Seminar and what you can expect to get from it by joining? “Money and You” is a 3-day seminar which can empower you to take action in transforming yourself by breaking through the layers of obstacles that are currently holding you back from your desired results. An unusual method of interactive learning is used to introduce the multiple number of useful principles that guide you towards the path of success. It’s a kind of experiential training for adults that requires participative action by the seminar attendees and learning is taught through games, group discussions or simply sharing experiences and interactions with one another during the seminar.

Work groups are formed to distinguish the various characteristics among the 4 main profiles of people. It is through knowing yourself or which profile you belong to that you are better able to form efficient teams for business projects and collectively work towards a high level of synergy within the team. The seminar emphasizes on concepts like abundance, leverage, network, synergy, teamwork, skills, mastery and adding value to business systems. Important traits like integrity, courage, responsibility, love and trust are defined.

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How Do You Learn During Money And You?

Through participating in the games at the seminar, participants can learn about human behaviour by analysing how the game was played. It is believed that games are often a reflection of behaviour and how attendees played in the game clearly demonstrated what they were thinking during those moments they played.

The victors in the games naturally feel like winners but those who don’t do well are considered as learning teams. Participants are encouraged to treat such games as learning experiences for themselves. Sharing of true life experiences is a powerful learning experience and this avenue is explored fairly frequently as well by encouraging participants to share during the course of the seminar. Learn to achieve mastery, and have a blueprint to live above your ordinary self and rise above mediocrity to achieve extraordinary results.

Review Verdict: Money And You is a legitimate event that works

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Conclusion about Money And You


Most people spend their lives earning a living instead than designing their lives. Have a vision of how you would like your life to be like? Your vision is the promise of what you will become one day.


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