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Created by internet entrepreneurs Madhav Dutta & Mario Brown

EverZippy is a new breakthrough ultimate webinar suite

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System EverZippy
Website URL www.EverZippy.com
Trial Start Trial
Overall Score 9.5/10


Do you want to learn more about EverZippy and whether or not this new webinar suite is reliable and really worth getting? No business wants to be on live calls – business owners are far too busy for that. With EverZippy members can AUTOMATE Everything for them, turning their videos into Automated Lead Generation, Authority Building & Sales Producing Machines.

What Exactly Is EverZippy?

Everzippy is a powerful webinar automation tool that aims to help members build email marketing lists with a purpose. With Everzippy, they can schedule and automate your webinar footage to play at set intervals and the software aims to recreate the live experience for users. This is an incredibly powerful video marketing machine turning all your videos into stunning, powerful & fully automated webinar presentations & traffic machines.

Plus, with the Commercial License included in the main offer (for a LIMITED period only)…you will become the Go-To Agency for Video Marketing needs of all the local businesses.

Here are just some of the incredible features Everzippy software comes with:

  • Automated, Evergreen & Just In Time Webinars
  • Live Interactive Polls and Surveys
  • Customizable Registration Pages For Branding etc.
  • Automated & Simulated Live Chat
  • Analytics & Attendee Reporting
  • Live Sales Alerts & Call-To-Action Buttons
  • Slick Waiting Room & Replay Lounge
  • Fully – Featured Host Controls

But Also..

  • Full Email Autoresponder Integration
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • Full Payment Processors Integration
  • Built-In Email Funnels & Email Reminders
  • Tracking & Remarketing System

Review Verdict: EverZippy is a legitimate software that works

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How Do You Access The EverZippy Program?

Everzippy’s dynamic scheduling will allow members to dominate every and any type of event that will grow your business.

Here are the types of event that you can create with this software:

Evergreen Webinars

Evergreen webinars are the most popular type that most online-business owners who want to save time are looking for. You want to consistently be closing. Evergreen webinars allows users to do so.

One-Time Webinars

Run either live one time webinars or users can also leverage their time by running automated webinars done as one time events.

Recurring Webinars

Duplicate your time by running constantly occurring evergreen webinars that sell for you consistently every day daily. This can be the backbone for your sales generation.

A Webinar Series

Run either a series of live or evergreen webinars. This series allows the user to register once for all sessions.

How Can You Expect To Benefit From EverZippy?

Your automated webinar is usually your best presentation, and this is when you will want to make sure you leave a good impression. What is more, a pre-recorded webinar can be edited, interesting and fun transitions and effects can be added, while long pauses and speech errors – omitted. While a live webinar is prone to bad internet connection, cutouts and power outages, a pre-recording is exempt from these issues.

Your HD or full HD recording can make you and your business look more professional, thus, making your proposition more trustworthy. An automated webinar will allow to scoop up the audience from all over the globe, without having to disrupt your sleep schedule.

Simply make your best presentation available on demand and watch your conversion rate skyrocket. The most obvious benefit of automated webinars is the amount of time and energy it saves you. This will allow redirecting your efforts towards other imminent goals like improving your product, updating the landing page, negotiating with potential partners, etc.

Review Verdict: EverZippy is a legitimate software that works

Visit EverZippy Website

Overview of EverZippy’s Features:

Social Media Integration

Integrates with social media sites to allow for streaming across sites be it facebook, youtube or instagram. Social media is a valuable tool for promoting your webinars to your audience, and EverZippy ensures that users are able to maximise that potential.

Full-Featured Host Controls

Mute/unmute panelists, and promote an attendee to panelist, allowing them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement. You as a host will still retain the highest level of control in a webinar.

Analytics and Report System

Once your webinar is over, you can find out how effective it was using detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A. Once your webinar is over, you can see how effective it was using detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A.

Registration form Embed code

Everzippy allows you to use external landing pages as a registration page for your webinar by embedding a provided registration form. You can embed registration forms to live webinars, series webinars, and hybrid webinars.

Polls and Surveys

Polls & Surveys are launched, answered, and reviewed during a session while surveys are sent after the webinar ends. It allows attendees to engage with the host better. Webinars are only as great as your ability to interact with your audience and that’s what our Polls & Survey. Polls & Surveys are launched, answered, and reviewed during a session while surveys are sent after the webinar ends. It allows attendees to be abel to engage with the host better.

Customize Thank you Page

Your post-registration Thank You page serves one purpose, should you choose to optimize its value. With EverZippy, you can customise your Thank you Page and give your registrants visible confirmation of successful registration.

Replay Pages with Pre Recording video

You can record your webinar and generate replay pages. The webinars can be replayed again and again to improved content and quality features. You can put webinar on the evergreen mode and earn recurring income from it.

Customizable Registration Page

With Everzippy, you now have the option to embed a webinar registration button on your own site, this will allow you to create a custom registration page. You can pick the design and layout of your registration using our pre-given Templates and make it the way you want it to look.

Customization of Profile

You can customize the layout of your profile with intuitive branding tools. This boosts interest in your business by promoting your upcoming events. Everzippy gives you full freedom to make your profile look the way you want, you can beautify it and decide the layout for your profile.

In-Webinar conduct following

What number individuals vote on your surveys and how many of them individuals click on your links? You will be able to see many of these analytics to ensure that you know how to maximize your webinars’ effects in future.

Target and redo your message

Craft your messages relying upon their activities… For example: If they missed your webinar, send them the link to the replay. If they purchase buy your item or join your course, you can send them an offer.

Instant & Selective Invitation

The host can selectively and immediately invite participants via email.. This provides you greater control over the distribution of the meeting access information.

Dynamic attendee numbers

Since you’re offering your webinar around the clock, you may want to simulate the live environment by making it appear as though there are many other attendees in the webinar room at the same time. For example, if you want it to appear as though there are always around 400-450 attendees in the webinar room, you can set it up in advance so it appears this way to attendees.

Private Encrypted Rooms

The host can require the participants to type in a password before joining the meeting. This provides greater access control and prevents uninvited guests from joining a meeting. This will ensure authenticity and will also assure better experience to host.

Review Verdict: EverZippy is a legitimate software that works

Visit EverZippy Website

Conclusion about EverZippy


Through our trials and testing with Everzippy is a high-quality product that can easily be integrated with another Mintware Suite product meetzippy to make any kind of webinar-related work easier and faster. This software has direct integrations with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. You can also integrate with any other app via Zapier integration, along wdozens of gorgeous designs. Simply put: users’ webinars will look amazing they don’t need coding skills to make this work. If you would like to start automating your webinars and get the most out of them right now, we highly recommend you to learn more about EverZippy at the button link below!



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