CoinFlex Review – Is CoinFlex Legit?

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CoinFlex is a new breakthrough Bitcoin physically delivered futures product and exchange

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Do you want to know more about CoinFlex and whether or not this is a really legitimate platform to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on? Billing itself as ‘The world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange’, CoinFlex is a Bitcoin & stablecoin futures trading platform with low fees and low settlement risk.


  • Physically delivered futures
  • Up to 20x leverage
  • No KYC required

  • Does not permit US citizens to trade
  • UI slighty challenging to understand

Backed by Polychain Capital and based in Seychelles, CoinFlex is widely tipped to become a force within the crypto trading industry, despite launching in just February 2019.

CoinFlex volume currently averages at $43 million per day—an impressive number given the newness of the platform.

Review Verdict: CoinFlex is a legitimate platform that works

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How Do You Get Started On CoinFlex?

1. Sign-up and create your account

To begin trading on CoinFLEX, create an account by going to the registration page and entering your email address and a secure password, before clicking ‘register’.

register at coinflex

Following this, you will get a confirmation email containing a link you need to click to activate your account. After verifying your account and logging in, you will then have to agree to some terms and conditions after which the ‘Proceed to EXCHANGE’ button will be enabled and you will be able to start using the platform.

coinflex 2FA

Finally, you will need to add a 2FA (two-factor authentication) method to your account. Here, select Authy, YubiKey or Google Authenticator as you see fit and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the link process.

2. Deposit funds

While logged into the exchange, go to the Dashboard and then select the ‘Deposit’ option.

deposit funds on coinflex

In the deposit menu, you will be shown a list of cryptocurrency assets supported by CoinFLEX. Select the one you wish to deposit and read the information presented to check the minimum deposit and confirmation details.

deposit bitcoin on coinflex

Once you are happy to proceed, check the ‘I understand and accept all’ box, before clicking the orange button below to request your deposit address. After your deposit has reached the required number of confirmations, it will show in your account balance and then be tradeable.

3. Start trading

You are now ready to start trading on CoinFLEX. To begin, go to the exchange by clicking the ‘Exchange’ button in the header.

exchange button coinflex

Since this is your 1st time using the platform, you will need to read and accept the Customer Service Agreement and Privacy Policy before the trading interface will load. Loading will take around 10-30 seconds depending on your browser/machine specs.

loading screen coinflex

Now, you will be able to choose the contract you want to trade on the top left of the trading. The middle panel is used to choose the number of contracts you wish to buy/sell and your bid price. Depending on whether you wish to buy or sell, you will need to click the flip button.

margin buy bitcoin on coinflex

You will be able to set your leverage in one of the lower tabs, before clicking Buy/Sell to open the position as desired. If this is a market order, it will get filled right away, otherwise, limit orders will be filled when the specified conditions are met.


Review Verdict: CoinFlex is a legitimate platform that works

Visit CoinFlex Website

Conclusion about CoinFlex


With the given climate of margin trading platforms, it is not easy to find a reliable and user friendly exchange that you can trust. Because of that, we are very glad to have found CoinFlex as they do provide highly reliable Bitcoin trading services. If you would like to start trading on the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange through a stable platform, we highly recommend you to learn more about CoinFlex at the button link below!


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