CB Passive Income Elite Review – Is CB Passive Income Elite Legit?

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CB Passive Income Elite REVIEW


Created by Clickbank professional marketer Patric Chan

CB Passive Income Elite is a new breakthrough Clickbank internet marketing course

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System CB Passive Income Elite
Website URL www.CBPassiveIncome.com/Elite
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Overall Score 9.3/10

FULL REVIEW OF CB Passive Income Elite

Would you like to learn more about CB Passive Income Elite and whether or not this program can really change your online success? There are five components to this Elite Program. The first FREE webinar will begin on July 14th, you can click here to secure your free seat for free. If for any reason, you can’t attend the webinar, that’s fine – you can always access the recorded version of the webinar. Members will be coached on how to give away valuable internet marketing products using “done-for-you” components to start earning affiliate commissions.

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4×4 Coaching and Training

The 1st component is a 4 X 4 Training And Coaching. This will last for four weeks, where you will be trained on how to use the CB Passive Income Elite System to make money online and build your own list to become a top affiliate.

Not to mention, all of the four trainings will be live, the first training will start on the 14th of July, and you can go here to secure your seat. Again, if you are not able to attend, there is no need to worry as there will be a recorded version.

What Are The Modules and Components You Can Expect To Find In CB Passive Income Elite?

Module #1: Elite System Walk-through:

Members will be taught how to take advantage of building their affiliate marketing business without creating their own web-page, content or writing their email promotions. These are all in done-for-you format. The goal is to ensure that your business up and running within the first week itself.

Module #2: Monetization Strategies.

Once the online business is ready, members will be taught the strategies of how to make money online with ClickBank and other methods.

Module #3: Proven Traffic Formulas.

In this module, members will learn how to promote their web-page to start building their list to generate affiliate sales. This is based on proven strategies tested before. Patric will share with members the traffic sources he used before, and show them his ads, swipe copies, and much more.

Module #4: Next Level Affiliate Strategies.

In this module, members will learn how to compete in affiliate product launches to win contest prizes, Secret methods to build a mailing list by through Facebook; lastly, an advance strategy to generate bigger affiliate pay-checks without having to work any harder.

Once the member has completed the 4 modules, he or she get to attend 4 additional online coaching classes where Patric will review their progress and their marketing campaigns. This cannot get any better, because this is the members’ opportunity to ask Patric any questions LIVE.

Instant Turnkey Web pages

The 2nd component is the Instant Turnkey Web pages. Members will be given clone 4 of Patric’s secret webpages which are  ready-to-go, meaning, they DO NOT need to do anything else with it, other than fill in their own info. This component will handle all the technicalities of the web page including the hosting fees.

Not to mention, this platform will constantly be updating all members’ websites on their behalf to give them the highest performance and conversion. So if they are not technical, they don’t need to worry about the technical part, as it will all be done on their behalf.

With all this said, there’s an entire back-end software system which tracks the statistics of your lead conversion, so they also be able to see the number of visitors to their websites and how many subscribers they have in the system (to track if their traffic source is targeted or not).

Can you really expect to make money with these pages? Yes, and the reason is because, these four secret web pages have been proven to convert. These actually are the web pages that have been used for CB Passive Income Elite and have been tested with more than 200,000 clicks to them. So they will only include the web pages and offers that have been proven to convert for members.

Moreover, these four secret web pages will make members’ more money, because there is no branding on them, meaning when they use these web pages, the pages will not show CB Passive Income Elite or Patrc Chan’s braend. It’s like as if they have “white label” on all of them. So, when they using these pages, it’s as good as their own. In fact, some of the pages will automatically have their name on it to show their “ownership” which will allow them to build their own brand.

Another reason why members will be making money fast with these four secret web-pages, is that they do not have to create the offer themselves. As you already know, in order to persuade the website visitors to subscribe to your list, there must be an offer – a free gift product to entice people to opt-in.

And so with the four secret web-pages, they will each have  its own offer/product to be given away and all of the offers have been proven to convert. Furthermore, members will not have to worry about integrating the free gift products into their web-pages, as that is all already automated, already done for them.

Content Engine Software.

The 3rd component is the Content Engine Software. One of the most powerful strategies Patric has used over the years to help  build strong relationships with his subscribers and generate Click Bank commissions passively is producing high quality reports. And so with the CB Passive Income Elite, members will be able to customize more than 50 reports and mini-eBooks they have created.

With this said, members will not need to create their own content or hire any writers. And these are high quality eBooks and reports, and not just those lousy ghost-written reports that are available everywhere. These are the same ones that Patric gives to his own subscribers.

Once a member is registered in the Content Engine Software, it’ll only take 2 steps to produce 50 reports with the members’ own website URLs and Click Bank IDs in each report. One week usage of this software is actually sufficient to generate one whole year’s worth of content.

How can members earn profits from their reports passively? As you already know, these reports will be branded with members’ website URLs, and so if the reports are recommending any Click Bank products, the reports will also be embedded inside their ClickBank affiliate IDs. This means that each of the reports will have the potential of earning passive affiliate commissions.This is what is referred to as a ninja affiliate marketing secret that Patric has been using himself for many years.

Email Swipe Files Library.

The 4th component is the Email Swipe Files Library. So if you have no idea which Click Bank products to promote, or do not have the expertise to write email promotions, or simply not have the time to write them, you will be able to access a library of over 200 + emails Patric has written. All the members has to do is to “copy-and-paste”.

These same emails are the emails Patric has used for the past couple of years for CB Passive Income Elite to help at least 2,892 of his clients to make money online. Furthermore, In the swipe files, Patric also includes in the membership all the emails that promote the reports that are given away fro free.

How It Works?

Once the member is in the email swipe files library, they are able to pick the one that they want to use. They simply have to copy and paste and they are done. Not to mention, members will have the ability to schedule to send out these emails to be sent for the next 3 months.

Done-For-You Funnels

The 5th component is the Done-For-You Funnels. In this module, members’ will be able to CLONE Patric Chan’s proven funnels. Again, these same funnels are the ones Patric himself has built to help thousands of CB Passive Income customers to make money online on auto-pilot.


Review Verdict: CB Passive Income Elite is a legitimate program that works

Visit CB Passive Income Elite Website

Consumer Fraud Alert Regarding CB Passive Income Elite

The success of CB Passive Income Elite has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their own fake websites in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in buying from such fake sites. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are purchasing and should do some research before they buy from any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about CB Passive Income Elite, yet the write-up is completely garbage as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. It is always better to avoid buying from any other site other than the official one. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers do careful research, or only buy from the site from the official website here – http://CBPassiveIncome.com/EliteOfficial (link opens in a new window). The official website that they have includes the legitimate program.

Conclusion about CB Passive Income Elite


CB Passive Income Elite includes a lot valuable information, strategies and tools, has a reasonable price and has automated the system as much as possible to put you in the spotlight instead of Patric Chan. CB Passive Income Elite is a good program that can help you kickstart your affiliate marketing business or if you already have an online business, you can use this as an additional income stream. If you would iike to start earning real money online by using the marketing materials made by a professional marketer himself, we highly recommend you to learn more about CB Passive Income Elite at the button link below!


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