PopLinks Review – Is PopLinks Software Legit?

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Created by entrepreneur and professional internet marketers Simon Warner, Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher

PopLinks Software is a new breakthrough bridge and leads-capture page builder

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Product PopLinks Software
Website URL www.PopLinks.me/Software
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Overall Score 9.3/10

FULL REVIEW OF PopLinks Software

Are you currently thinking about trying out the PopLinks Software and is it really any different and better than all the other bridge and landing pages currently on the market right now? The PopLinks Software was largely marketed as a new page builder with new technology and plenty of page templates to choose from. So far, from what we have seen in in its tools, it certainly has many of the powerful full customisation options for lead-capture funnel and bridge pages creation, giving users the ability to customise a bunch of things including text fields, buttons and more. Better yet, every single one of their templates have been tested for high conversions, making them immediately usable for marketing purposes such as receiving Solo Ads traffic, Facebook ads and other social media campaigns.

PopLinks is simply one of the 3 modules included in this system. PopLinks is a system that gives users simply link management capabilities that make the entire link creation process easy. Besides PopLinks, it also comes with the following 2 modules:

  • PopPages

Lets users create bridge and lead-capture pages with beautiful and high-converting templates

  • Page Snaps

This feature lets users deploy popups and snippets over the top of their pages and bring in other people’s content for display.

From what we have found, there will be another module released in November called Traffic Blasts. This module will allow users to set-up paid traffic campaigns from directly inside its platform for maximum convenience.

Review Verdict: PopLinks Software is a legitimate software that works

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What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of The PopLinks Software?

  • Create a full library of pages simply by copying and pasting 4 lines of code
  • Build high-converting, highly responsive and fast landing pages in as little as 60 seconds, scoring at least 99% on GTMetrix.

  • Use the latest 2.0 gradients, designs, patterns and color overlays
  • Build pages on an unlimited number of domains
  • New sticky features implemented for mobile websites
  • All styles, colors and designed are automatically synchronised across pages so users don’t have to waste too much time editing them over and over again like with other page builders
  • Pages load quickly in 1 second or less
  • Page orientation can be changed easily in one click
  • Intuitive dashboard for users to track views, clicks, opt-ins and phone calls automatically. Users even get insights on what type of traffic is clicking and generating leads on the pages
  • Opens high-converting and design-matching popup in one-click
  • Designs of all levels of complexity suitable for all types of niche pages
  • Full customisation options for fields, buttons and texts on all pages
  • All templates are customisable for different purposes and very versatile, in contrast to most other page builders that whereby every template is made for one specific use
  • and much more!

What Are The Tools And Products Delivered In PopLinks Software?

  • 25 System domains with SSL installed
  • Unlimited custom funnel domains available
  • Massive Global update function that updates all templates
  • Large supply of beautiful templates that have been tested to convert for Solo Ads, Facebook Ads and other social media
  • Extra Elements to allow users to add images, video and bullets onto their pages
  • Shuffle Template Sizes and Instant Element Orientation for instant changing of template sizes and keeping page layout constant for viewers even during changes
  • Background Images with Color Overlay Effects for instant audience attention capture once they land on the page
  • Gradient Text, Backgrounds and Buttons add a touch of sophistication across all pages

Review Verdict: PopLinks Software is a legitimate software that works

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Conclusion about PopLinks Software


In summary, the PopLinks Software is already showing great potential to become the next go-to page builder with a whole host of features that entrepreneurs have been asking for but not seeing on other page builders. Therefore, if you too would like to start benefiting from all the latest page-building technology and maximise all of the traffic that you are getting on your pages, then we highly recommend you to learn more about the PopLinks Software at the button link below!


PopLinks Software Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)


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