Hypnotic Bets Review – Is Hypnotic Bets Tipster Legit?

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Hypnotic Bets REVIEW


Run by professional horse race gambler Chris Haydock

Hypnotic Bets Tipsteris a new breakthrough bookies-smashing tipster service

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System Hypnotic Bets Tipster
Website URL www.HypnoticBets.com/Tipster
Trial Start Trial
Overall Score 9.3/10

FULL REVIEW OF Hypnotic Bets Tipster

Are you currently thinking about joining the Hypnotic Bets horse racing tipster service and can it really show members how to beat the bookmakers and finally dispel the belief that the bookmakers must always win? Unlike most tipster services that we have followed in the past, we have found that Hypnotic Bets Tipster is extremely selective about their bets. Selections are only made when there is very high confidence of them winning their races, yet this still happens frequently enough that members are able to generate good profits following the strategy every single month.

The majority of betting days when following Hypnotic Bets Tipster end up as winners. To start benefiting from this service, members simply have to ensure that they place very bet that is selected and nothing else to let the math of the strategy work in their favour. Usually, the races that are selected are those whereby the winner is much clearer based on Chris’s selection system and is still undervalued in the betting markets.

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Why Is This Tipster Service Called Hypnotic Bets?

You may not already know about the story behind Chris and how he founded Hypnotic Bets Tipster, but it was only after his hypnotist appointment that his betting truly transformed. A hypnotist appointment that was supposed to cure his “gambling addiction” ultimately ended up helping him discover the best and most profitable way of betting that he had ever experienced.

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of The Hypnotic Bets Tipster Service?

  • Follow a high-confidence horse betting selection strategy that has produced a long-term average of more than 85%+
  • Once familiarised, only requires a few minutes per day in the morning to check your email for Chris’ email of any surefire picks and to place those bets with your preferred bookmaker. The stated time is before 7.30am UK time and Chris and his team have never exceeded that time since the start of this service
  • Bets can be placed on any bookmaker or online betting exchange
  • Emails are simple-enough without any betting jargon, making it easy even for members who have never placed a single bet before in their lives
  • Follow a betting professional’s tipster service that has a long track record of betting success in horse racing
  • and much more!

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Conclusion on Hypnotic Bets Tipster



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