Get The Edge Review – Is Get The Edge Legit?

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Get The Edge REVIEW


Run by professional horse race gambler Craig Port

Get The Edge is a new breakthrough profitable high win rate horse betting strategy

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Are you thinking about joining the Get The Edge horse betting tipster service by Craig Port and has it really been able to help its members earn a doctor’s wage by simply following all of their betting emails sent on race days? From the betting emails as well as Telegram chat app messages that we have seen so far, this is a very straightforward tipster service with very clear and step-by-step instructions on which horse bets on each race day. As Craig explains, his strategy has gone through several different previous versions to reach its current version with the highest win-rates and long-term betting profits.

Whenever there are betting selections, Craig and his team will send out the picks of the day through either email or Telegram, depending on the option that you have chosen. Members are not required to know anything about horse racing or analysis as every instruction is clearly explained. All bets are straightforward bets to win with no complicated rules to follow.

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How Exactly Does Get The Edge Strategy Literally Get An Edge Over The Bookmakers And Other Horse Racing Gamblers?

The basis of the strategy used by Get The Edge is a horse race scoring system developed using OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. You probably have already heard of ChatGPT, which is a new machine-learning algorithm that was recently released into the wild by a startup backed by Elon Musk, OpenAI. ChatGPT’s power AI (artificial intelligence) systems are already widely used in many fields ranging from coding, data science to drafting complete legal documents.

One of its most powerful yet not widely discussed features is that this technology is already being used to find the best horse race winning selections for all horse races. Before every race, the Get The Edge team will run the horses that will be running them and based on the scoring system that has been programmed, will produce scores for each horse indicating their probabilities to win. By betting on the horses with a minimum score to win, Craig has managed to produce a high win-rate and long and consistent betting profits for all of his Get The Edge members.

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