SellerCon 2019 Las Vegas Review – Is It Legit?

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Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas REVIEW


Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas is a conference for Amazon sellers to learn the latest strategies, tactics, and resources used by top Amazon sellers around the world.

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FULL REVIEW OF Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas

Are you looking for more information about Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas and you want to know whether it is really worth the money going? Simply put, this summit is designed to help Amazon sellers Learn…Network…Scale. This collaboration uses proven strategies and savvy business implementations to teach attendees how to grow their business, using techniques from actual Amazon millionaires. Over the past 6 years, over 15,000 Amazon sellers from around the world have joined them live to learn how to scale their own brands.

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Who Should Attend Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas?

In 2019, thousands will meet up in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover what’s working now on Amazon, what’s changed, and how to build a thriving global brand. If you own your own brand of physical products and wish to sell more on Amazon, you will definitely be in the right place.

SellerCon (formerly the “Amazing Seller Summit”) is amongst the most well-known events in the space. It’s put on by the professionals at Amazing, an Amazon learning hub for sellers. Not only have they have had heavyweight speakers such as Richard Branso, founder of the Virgin Group and Brian Smith, the founder of Uggs, but also successful Amazon sellers and consultants in the past, so you can be sure that it is generally going to be a value-packed event. Sellercon is well known for its avoidance of hype and inspirational talks. Attendees use words like “easy-to-follow strategies” and “practical,” which means that attendees come away with tactics they can implement tomorrow.

Who Can You Expect To Meet At Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas?

Matt Clark: Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Amazing and the original creator of Amazing Selling Machine. Clark is an investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and pilot.

Jason Katzenback: Co-Founder and CEO of Amazing. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has generated more than $120 million in sales in his own personal companies. Katzenback has mentored, coached, and taught tens of thousands of students to create and operate their own businesses.

Robert Kiyosaki: Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The author of the #1 personal finance book of all time is joining us live at SellerCon! Kiyosaki has time-tested lessons for creating financial freedom.

Mike McClary: Co-Creator of Amazing’s Amazing Selling Machine. McClary has sold millions of dollars of his own products on Amazon. He shares his knowledge to help other entrepreneurs build successful businesses leveraging Amazon.

Richard Henderson: Co-Creator and Chief Mentor of Amazing Selling Machine. Henderson has over a decade experience running successful ecommerce businesses.  He has a great passion for helping others grow their own successful businesses.

John Mackey: Founder of Whole Foods. Amazon bought this premium health-focused grocery chain for $14 billion. It was the largest acquisition in Amazon’s history.

Dave Asprey: Founder of Bulletproof. This creator of the “butter coffee” craze has raised $68 million for his brand of nutrition products.

Sara Blakely: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SPANX, Inc. Blakely has built one of the most successful, iconic, and largest brands today. She was even elected as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the world.

Come to SellerCon to hear from the above entrepreneurs and more than 30 other highly qualified speakers, including:

  • Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Founder
  • Ezra Firestone, Founder and CEO
  • Cherie Yvette, The Urban Cowgirl Founder
  • Re Perez, Branding for the People Founder
  • Kayrn Thomas, Owner
  • Anthony Balduzzi, The Fit Father Project and The Fit Mother Project Founder
  • Gary Nealon, Founder
  • Manol Georgiev, Facebook Marketing Consultant

Review Verdict: Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas is a legitimate conference

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Conclusion about Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas


At Sellercon 2019 Las Vegas, expect to join 1’000s of Amazon sellers from around the world at the the largest event of its kind and discover the latest strategies from business icons, multi-million dollar Amazon sellers, and eCommerce experts.

If you want to grow your Amazon sales in 2019 and beyond, then you will certainly want to attend SellerCon 2019. Get the strategies, tactics, ideas, motivation, and relationships you require to take your business to the next level and further, and if you are an Amazon seller, we highly recommend grabbing your ticket to SellerCon 2019 as soon as they go on sale.


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