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PromoRepublic REVIEW

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PromoRepublic is a new breakthrough business social media management tool

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FULL REVIEW OF PromoRepublic

Do you want to learn more PromoRepublic and whether or not it is really worth paying to subscribe to this tool? PromoRepublic is both a design and scheduling tool. Think, if Canva and Buffer were combined, the end result would be PromoRepublic.

Today, PromoRepublic is connected to over 90,000 social profiles and has published over three million posts. Having over 85,000 SMB companies signed up with the software. With its wide range of post ideas and graphics, it serves more than 20 industries, which include home and interior, health and beauty, food and restaurant.

Review Verdict: PromoRepublic is a legitimate platform that works

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How To Use PromoRepublic?

Members will have 2 options for navigation in the dashboard. The main navigation which includes post ideas, calendar, editor and statistics. And the secondary navigation which is based from your industry selection and the various types of post ideas for different purposes and platforms.



The events calendar in my opinion is what sets PromoRepublic apart from the other tools it can be compared with such as Canva, Stencil, Hootsuite and Buffer. The 1st thing you are going to notice, is that the events calendar UI has improved from 2016. You can easily see what you have scheduled under the “MY CONTENT” section.

Beneath the “UPCOMING EVENTS” is still based on:

  • History
  • Trend
  • Celebrity
  • Holiday
  • Sports

Initially users could turn off these options. At the moment there is no choice to do that. You need to understand that PromoRepublic is mostly built for the US market. So categories such as “Sports”, “Holiday” and “Celebrity” will be have more of US based.


As PromoRepublic’s user base grows to other markets, they increase more of those markets in their calendar. The next thing we like about the current events calendar is the ease to which members can add a post to schedule on a specific day.

Initially, members had to create a post and manually set the day they would like to publish it. Today they have both options. They can access the editor from the events calendar. This will enable them to create a post that will be published on that day.


The events calendar also gives users the option to have a look at all upcoming events in a particular month. This is good if they would like to view what upcoming events will they commemorate in their business. Also, it can be tied into their marketing calendar. 

Once a post is scheduled, it is here that you are going to see when it is going to be published. And because you cannot backdate posts, once a day has passed, the dashboard automatically disables anything for publishing on that specific day.


If you are not happy with the suggestions you received you can go over to “Post Ideas” at the top. Over here you have the option to explore more than 6000+ ideas that have already been created.

PromoRepublic adds to their database every day. So users will never run out of ideas. And if you are worried about duplicate pictures between your competitor and yourself, look at this as suggestions. Tweak the images to fit in with your brand. You can change the color and even the background images.


If you already have graphics or posts you would like to schedule and skip the PromoRepublic database, you can go over to “Add Post” at the very top.


Here you can edit your text or upload your graphic as you wish and add it onto either your queue or schedule it or publish right away.

The difference between adding a post to a queue and scheduling; with the queue, PromoRepublic will determine the best time to schedule your post and with schedule you specify the exact time you would like the post to go. Right next to the camera button, there is a also brush button. Users can click this brush to go the editing drag and drop tool.


At the very top you can see ideas. You can click on that to see what has recently been added to the PromoRepublic database. Under “Recent”, users can note what they have already used before. Once they are satisfied with their graphic they can either download it or click on “Preview” Clicking on”X” deletes everything they have done.


Previewing your post will send you to choosing between publishing your post or scheduling it. Once done, you can choose whether to return to your calendar or see more options for post ideas.



There are only 2 tools that we have tried and tested in the market today that can automatically publish to Instagram.  The same goes for PromoRepublic. For users to schedule to instagram, they will have to download their app.

Review Verdict: PromoRepublic is a legitimate platform that works

Visit PromoRepublic Website

Conclusion about PromoRepublic


As of today, we do not think there is an alternative to PromoRepublic in the market. Most tools as we have shown are either a graphics editor or a scheduling tool. Promorepublic merges the 2 functions. You could also sign up to their academy and master social media marketing. If you would like to start automating your social media and boost your social media presence with a proven working tool, we highly recommend you to learn more about PromoRepublic at the button link below!


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