Is Old School Body Hacks Legit?

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Old School Body Hacks REVIEW

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Created by fitness expert John Rowley for body transformation

Old School Body Hacks is a new breakthrough body sculpting program that aims to bring anyone’s fitness level to a higher level

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FULL REVIEW OF Old School Body Hacks

Let’s face it, working out at any age, whether you are in the 20s, 30s, or beyond can be quite hard to stick with and see results. Not only do we have to deal with workouts, take care of our children, find time with friends and family, work through injuries, or whatever.

Why Was Old School Body Hacks Created?

The amount of time we can find for working out can sometimes seem non existent.

The problem is sorting through the piles of trash out there and finding the ones that are worth your time and investment. We have to point out a fact though. The results one can expect from any program are largely determined by how well that person follows the program itself. If one fails to follow through and commit to getting in shape, they will not achieve your desired outcomes regardless of how good the program is.

Review Verdict: Old School Body Hacks is a legitimate service that works

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Who is The Owner of Old School Body Hacks?

Depending on what interests you are into, you may have heard of Steve Holman, a fitness expert with more than 27 years of experience in the industry.

However, if the name does not ring a bell, he has been in the fitness (body building) industry forever and is quite well known for his impeccable physique and knowledge of how to build a better body and stay young looking.

At over 50 years of age, the former Iron Man Magazine Editor-in-chief, still looks in as good a shape as ever.

His vast knowledge and experience in the industry makes him a very credible source and who brings his experience and real world experience to the table when talking about nutrition, lifestyle, and physical fitness.

Co-Author – Becky Holman (over 10 years of experience)

No program would be complete without a woman’s perspective and input, and this program is made with his co-author Becky. It seems a lot of the products that we review are geared toward one gender or another, but not Old School Body Hacks, a program made to help both male and female.

Review Verdict: Old School Body Hacks is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Old School Body Hacks


The methods outlined in this course is very good system that is easy to follow. It is sure to help you build lean strong muscle and get rid of fat; whether you are a guy or gal or over the age of 40. Are you younger than that? If so, this system can apply to you as well.

For the 20 bucks – we’ve added this program to our library and arsenal of go-to guides.


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