Captain Football Review – Is Captain Football Betting Legit?

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Captain Football REVIEW


Run by professional football bettor Rich Dumont

Captain Football Betting is a new breakthrough English Premier League football betting tipster service

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FULL REVIEW OF Captain Football Betting

Are you looking for more information about the Captain Football Betting tipster service and is it really a legitimate and profitable football betting system that has produced a higher than 70%+ win betting rate in the current season? This tipster service is heavily focused on betting on the matches played by Premier League teams. This means that besides profiting from the EPL, members are also given tips to profit from other competitions such as the FA Cup (from Round 3), EFL Cup and European Games played by these teams. It places significant focus on picking up winning bets that pay out sufficiently to cover for those losing bets, otherwise known as only making good value-bets in football betting.

Prior to joining Captain Football Betting, we had vetted through all of the published results of matches and found that the results matched up with the emails that they had been sending out to beta and early members of the service. Members of this service are able to profit from football betting without having to spend the hours required every day keeping up-to-date with the latest team news, performance trends, injuries and suspensions and more that is typically required to profitably profit from football betting.

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What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Joining Captain Football Betting?

  • Be in a peace of mind knowing that you will only be taking good value-bets and not just buying into any favourites at terrible odds set by the bookmakers
  • Members will be learning how to place a variety of football bets to take advantage of opportunities that come up from time to time in the betting markets
  • Follow a strategy that has generate 423.55% return on starting capital since the start of this Premier League season
  • Flexible betting system with odds with staking amounts that can be adjusted to take on higher-odds bets without placing the betting bank at more risk
  • Full instructions on proper betting bank management and staking included to ensure all members never blow up their betting accounts
  • and much more!


Review Verdict: Captain Football Betting is a legitimate service that works

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Consumer Alert Regarding Captain Football Betting

The success of Captain Football Betting has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their own fake services in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in joining from such fake sites. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are joining and should do some research before they join from any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about Captain Football Betting, yet the write-up is completely garbage and unreadable as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. It is always better to avoid joining from any other site other than the official one. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers do careful research, or only join from the site from the official website here – (link opens in a new window). The official website that they have includes the legitimate service.



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