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Manning Publications REVIEW


Manning Publications Co is an established early books and liveVideos access

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FULL REVIEW OF Manning Publications Co

Are you currently looking for more information about Manning Publications Co and is this really one of the best platforms online today for getting hard-to-find good and practical books today and backed by great customer service? Manning Publications Co platform is one where we are using today to access great published books in the widest varieties. Besides having a great selection of books, they are also backed by very knowledgeable and professional customer support personnel whom we have always enjoyed interacting with.

These days, Manning Publications Co is always the first publishing house platform that we visit whenever we want to learn about a new topic. All the books that we have found are always of great print and technical qualities.

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What Is The Background Of Manning Publications Co?

This company first started in 1990 by 2 partners, Marjan Bace and Lee Fitzpatrick, who had joined to form a book packaging business. They first started doing business with many of the established technical publishers and the IEEE Computer Society Press, and their scope covered all of engineering and computing topics. One of their earliest success was publishing a materials science series of a dozen specialised tonnes that included the Encyclopaedia of Materials Characterisation with more than 50 contributors.

Eventually, Manning Publications Co started to focus on computing topics and got Addison Wesley as their first computer book customer. Through Addison Wesley’s reputation, they were eventually able to network into other leading commercial houses that eventually became Manning Publications customers.

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