Flat Masters Review – Is Flat Masters Legit?

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Flat Masters REVIEW


Run by professional horse race gamblers Eric Lipsett, Jack Turnbull and Darren Goddard

Flat Masters is a new breakthrough horse racing tipster service

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System Flat Masters
Website URL www.FlatMasters.co.uk
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Overall Score 9.4/10


Are you currently thinking about joining and following the Flat Masters horse race betting tipster service and do they really live up to their reputation of being amongst the best flat horse racing betting tipster around today? While the betting system that is employed by this service is not very high (averaging around 34.6%), it has still been shown to be profitable over all the Turf Seasons that has been used on.

This horse race betting system is run by Eric Lipsett, Jack Turnbull and Darren Goddard, 3 professional horse race gamblers and members of the Flat Masters team. The 3 of them first met at Royal Ascot many years ago and had spent a lot of time talking about horses and betting strategies. By combining their knowledge, they eventually developed their own horse race selections system for flat racing that saw them earn more than 800 points of profit within 3 years. 

Review Verdict: Flat Masters is a legitimate service that works

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Flat Masters:Amazon.com.br:Appstore for Android

What Is It Like To Follow The Flat Masters Tipster Service?

On days when there are betting selections, Eric and his team will send out the selections via email to all members typically before 11am. It is designed specifically for the flat season as a specialist tipster service. Their picks have averaged a strike rate of 34.6% and is based on a simple 1-point level staking system with prices advised as BSP. All the bets offered will be win bets and all instructions that we have found in their emails have always been clear, concise and easy-to-follow.

Though it has been known that the three of its founders have all been profitable following this flat racing betting strategy, there has been very little public discussion about how are doing it so consistently and for so long. That is until the launch of their Flat Masters tipster service. Their strategy mainly involves the identification of good value bets that are overpriced by the betting markets, therefore it is no surprise that the odds of the bets are typically pretty high. They average at 7.66 BSP, with the lowest odds so far being at 3.59.

In terms of pricing, the minimum point of entry is that £9.95 30-day trial, after which a separate membership fee is paid for the rest of the season once the trial ends. The longer-term plan with more savings comes at a cost of £49.95 for the entire season, but this position is limited to only 30 positions.

What Are The Main Distinguising Benefits Of Flat Masters Compared To Other Horse Racing Systems?

  • Ability to generate long-term profits even with a lower than average strike rate and higher winning odds
  • Is easy-to-understand and can be adopted even by complete beginners who have no experience with horse race betting
  • Great support provided by the support team from Flat Masters to ensure all members know how to benefit from their tips selections
  • The founders are choosing to keep their membership slots limited, which should help protect the strategy by protecting the selections from taking a big hit to its odds whenever the new picks are released
  • Gives members the opportunities to start earning good horse race betting profits from anywhere in the world
  • and much more!

Review Verdict: Flat Masters is a legitimate service that works

Visit Flat Masters Website

Flat Masters:Amazon.com.br:Appstore for Android

Consumer Alert Regarding Flat Masters

The success of Flat Masters has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their own fake tipster services in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in joining from such fake sites. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are purchasing and should do some research before they join from any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about Flat Masters, yet the write-up is completely garbage as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. It is always better to avoid joining from any other site other than the official one. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers do careful research, or only buy from the site from the official website here – http://FlatMasters.co.uk/Official (link opens in a new window). The official website that they have includes the legitimate service.

Conclusion about Flat Masters



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