Alpha Pro Challenge Review – Is Alpha Capital Group’s Challenge Legit?

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Alpha Pro Challenge REVIEW

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Run by Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Pro Challenge is a new breakthrough prop firm trading challenge

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FULL REVIEW OF Alpha Pro Challenge

Are you currently thinking about joining the Alpha Pro Challenge run by the Alpha Capital Group and is this really a legitimate prop firm trading challenge that will get you funded once you have passed their challenge? At Alpha Capital Group, they are different from most other prop trading firms and their challenges. Not only do they provide challenges, they do everything they can to help traders pass their evaluations because they know that they only profit when their traders profit.

By hosting the Alpha Pro Challenge, Alpha Capital Group is looking for profitable traders to join their community of successful funded prop traders. If you know or you think you have what it takes to react correctly in the markets, properly manage risks and generate consistent profits, then the Alpha Pro Challenge is definitely something that you have to look into.

Review Verdict: Alpha Pro Challenge is a legitimate trading challenge

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Alpha Capital Group – Propreitary Trading Experts

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of The Alpha Pro Challenge?

  • Different funded account sizes to suit all different trading styles, up to $200,000
  • Has one of the simplest on-boarding, 2-step process to get traders funded in as little as 20 days
  • Traders are allowed to trade through news and hold over the weekend
  • All trades placed by traders for this challenge are at zero % commissions
  • Lower profit targets for Phase 1 and 2 of the challenge
  • Traders get Free Retry as long as their account is in profit after the 30-days expiration
  • Funded accounts can be scaled up to a maximum of $2,000,000
  • Traders get to keep 80% of their profits through bi-weekly payouts
  • Analyse every aspect of your trading through its Advanced Traders Dashboard
  • Unlimited number of free retakes for all Alpha Pro Challenge traders. This is as long as the trader has followed all other trading rules but has reached the 30-day limit
  • Daily loss limit of 5% of starting balance at each trading day based on the close of the daily candle on broker time
  • and much more!

Review Verdict: Alpha Pro Challenge is a legitimate trading challenge

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Conclusion about Alpha Pro Challenge




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