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Created by professional internet marketer Tien Pham getting more traffic from Facebook on autopilot

VTPoster is a new breakthrough Facebook marketing tool for automating many Facebook tasks

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VT POSTER is the world Only Tool That can do multi tasks that gets more traffic & set your Facebook on Complete Autopilot 24/7. Facebook is the biggest monthly active users website today with over 1 billion 6 hundred.

Why Should You Use VTPoster To Tap Into Facebook’s Traffic?

Facebook = 4x Instagram and larger twitter, linkedin and pinterest.

That’s why there are so many companies, sellers who use this social networking tool to get more traffic, lead, sales and attract more customers. With more 1billion 6 hundreds active users monthly, one can easilly find out your markets, automating join hundreds of groups a day in your niche. You can use multi accounts posting to many groups same time and traffic to your site.

If we have a tool which could Automate Entire Process & Our Facebook Accounts Add friends, Auto Post to friend’s wall, Auto Direct Message, Post to timeline and Groups Like, Join Groups, Comment & Engage with our Target Market 24/7, you can more than certainly increase your websites’ traffic exponentially.

Review Verdict: VTPoster is a legitimate product that works

Visit VTPoster Website

What Exactly Can VTPoster Do?

Here Is Vt Poster Is Going To Work For You All Day Every Day :

  • #1 – Auto Post Pages/Groups/Profile :
    The best feature in VT Poster help bringyour content to many people. After your facebook account has joined groups, and become friends with others, you can use this feature to approach your market
  • #2 – Auto Comment Latest Post :
    On social media, interactive activities are very important to you become a friendly person and that is opportunity selling your products. If you would like to comment a happy icon for 1000 posts with same content, what will you do? VT POSTER will help business-owners comment to latest post in profile, groups, pages, friend’s wall.
  • #3 – Auto post to Friend’s wall :
    This tool makes it very simple to post a type link on your friend’s timeline with one click for 5000 walls. This feature might be a bit disturbing if overused, so use sparingly.
  • #4 – Auto Add Friends :
    In the past, you have to find Friend by Friend and access to every profile send request. You only need find person name, VT POSTER will list out and automatically send request to them while you do everything else.
  • #5 – Auto Join Groups : you want to join groups which is in “Sales and Marketing”, users can input keyword and VT POSTER can join 300+ groups per day. When you became member in your market groups, you can then do more with your customers.
  • #6 – Auto Direct Message to Inbox :
    With Facebook accounts have full friends list(5000 friends) how you can to send to their inbox? This is solution: when you would like to send a message with thecontent: “Nice to meet you” to all your friend, you only need to send one time for all.
  • #7 – Auto Repost Page : 
    In this feature, your task is only select all of fanpages you would like and set up all contents you want into your page. When all selected fanpages post a status, link, image, video, …. your managed fanpages will be updated all contents automatically.
  • #8 – Auto Invite to Group :
    You had friend list and you would like to add all of them into joining your managed groups or others. The best facebook marketing software will invite all your friend list to join groups automatically. With VT Poster this is made simple.
  • #9 – Auto Invite to Like Page :
    Like this named feature, you also can invite all friend list to “Like” your pages automatically, you have more friend your page will more liked. To use this feature is effectively, you can use Auto Add Friend Feature to add friends as many as possible.
  • #10 – Auto Accept Friend Request :
    We think VT Poster is tool which have many features in ONE. Save your time, Save your money. With only click you can accept all friend request are pending. To save your time, you can accept new friend requests in shortest time.
  • #11 – Auto Like Latest Post :
    When your friends or your customers know that you always concern to them by liking all their posts, VT Poster allow you to have a option to LIKE the latest post in latest post in profile, groups, pages, friend’s wall.
  • #12 – Facebook Search Scraper :
    If you are a marketer, you have to look out data for your plans and want to know who is your competitors. VT Poster Search will show exactly data from Pages, Groups, User, Events and Places for you.
  • #13 – Analytic Fanpage :
    If you have to manage many Fanpages, we know that you need to have exactly what your page have and your fan do? VT Poster Analytic Page can give you a specific datas and you will have right decision for your business.
  • #14 – Auto UnFriend :
    how to unfriend 4900 friends in your list with one click? Our tool can do it. You can choose all of your friends or names who you don’t like, VT Poster will help you auto unfriend with them and you can use Auto Add Friend feature to find out new friends, also.
  • #15 – Statistic :
    VT Poster also has a built in tracker will show for you know exactly how your accounts engaged to your actions. How many actions success and your schedules did or not?

Review Verdict: VTPoster is a legitimate product that works

Visit VTPoster Website

Review Verdict: VTPoster is a legitimate product that works

Go To VTPoster Website

Conclusion about VTPoster



VTPoster has managed to accomplish all the features that it claims it can do according to our tests, and the high quality traffic we are getting to our business websites from Facebook has increased drastically. Therefore, we can safely recommend this tool for those who are looking to find something that do all the tasks we have highlighted above.joinnowforfree

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