Vivo NEX Review – Is Vivo NEX Really Worth It?



Vivo NEX Review

The VIvo NEX excesses in kind of proposition one goal and said it’s she
does enough to graph anyone’s attention it almost seems like the perfect
very or at least the best phone we’ve seen the first part i’m happy to say
then there is a lot of like here so much so that i’m switching to using the
next as my day t device to replace the site in plus but there is more to the
story and out so welcome to my for of you to make something clear the lever
next they have here is the china version so it’s the exact same one that
you’ll be able to import yourselves and to put things into connective you’re
looking at around eight hundred dollars now that’s by no means cheap but
also it not quite as expensive as some single apples top for offerings vivo
has nailed the most of the fundamentals the back tree at for thousand
million policies fantastic and in real world usage is about sent better than
my esther nine plus and we’ve got fast charging to keep it talk job and
access is really nippy to was trading those with the most powerful phones in
the world it’s got notably great wi fi connectivity and fast internal
storage even heavy games like podgy or a smooth as you i expect and the
absence of a not results any truly for screen experience the most notable
aspect of the phone is you’ll from the front it’s all screen nearly there’s
all around the sides is actually about the same size as the event tenth
special it just looks more impressive because the screens larger with the
vivo you also have the thick chin at the bottom and i’ve seen quite a few
comments about this some people have said that it a from the view but hey
this is the highest screen to body ratio we’ve and on a food and of course
there’s no notch now the companies ability to go without the notch leads us
to a fuller things about the next that are both a blessing and curse the
front camera is embedded in the fence body and when you see it copper for
the first time it is a we all novelty it’s not just a released mechanism the
camera is on a slide or so we collides open every time yourself he cameras
on it works in the i am it feels solid and you can pick a sound which just
kind of cool but you realize that even when meted you can see here it there
is small amount of friction here and when i mentioned it to the company they
told me that it’s been tested for fifty thousand uses and then that period
you want to have a problem so so let me some concerning fifty thousand is
likely far more times that you would have a new is it and the thing that
i’ve been more worried about is just banning the camera against an object as
kind sticks out a for beauty in the body there’s a similar story with the
thing up fingerprints can of it’s really cool and in a best case scenario it
feels like elite in the right direction ~~~~~~~ when the phone is on a flat
surface it is disabled to save battery and then as soon as you pick the
phone out it activates again which is get but this in screen scan a isn’t as
consistent towards faster maybe one plus six of the pixel to there is a very
specific point to the green where you have to hold your finger and like with
the previous very effects concept phone for which you could use the entire
bottom half a that display this power saving mechanism also which means you
can’t use it to unlock when the firms on a table and lets you manual they
turned the screen on first these are of course small issues and on balance
side all save the future is good and accurate enough not to be fooled or the
built into the screen is actually in my surprise and something that fuels
like less in caveat and more of the best of both worlds situation fever has
managed to hide the physical piece all using the display glass to vibrate
and transmit audio which actually means but when you want to call you can
place your here anywhere over the display and clearly here what the other
person is saying so while these adjustments that people has [UM] to
accommodate the large display on perfect for the most part they feel less
like compromises and more like teachers in their own right ok this is one
big from with the explaining five nine each display that’s probably not a
surprise it’s like beat all of them the last time plus and a fairly widen
but it is actually pretty nice to hold the veil have got the curves right
here and if it’s into your hand about as good as a phone at this large could
have of robust solid device but i’m not a huge found of the design you’ve
got this holographic finish which you might find a call as it essentially
splits white light into its component colors but i don’t think the lay out
to the humans has slick as designs from our way and apple let’s just a
personal conference here they are you might really like it that display
itself is good the large polish sleepless hamlet screen so it’s pretty
similar to the one the six which on one hand is a cheap a phone but on the
other hand has one of the that’s displays you can get out that price the
really impressive thing here is the form factor


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