The Herbal Academy Review – Is The Herbal Academy Legit?

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The Herbal Academy REVIEW

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The Herbal Academy is a new breakthrough online herbalism course platform

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FULL REVIEW OF The Herbal Academy

Have you been told or heard about The Herbal Academy, and you want to find out more about whether it is really a legitimate course for learning about herbs? In our following review, you will find out more about it and be able to understand whether it is what you are looking to learn or not.

Overview of The Units of The Herbal Academy’s Course

Unit 1: Why Herbs And How They Work
History; Herbal Healing Philosophies; Homeostasis; Overview of Body Systems; Systems of Energetics, Actions and Constitutions; Medicine Making Review; Creating Formulations: Side Effects and Safety

Unit 2: Food is Medicine
Kitchen Cupboard Herbs; Vinegars; Oils; Honey; Edible and Medicinal Plants; Foraging; Plant Savers; Wild crafting; Gratitude and Ceremony

Unit 3: Digestive System
Alimentary System Overview; Digestive Health as Foundation of Health; Imbalances of the Digestive System and Herbal Remedies

Unit 4: Immune System
Building Immune Health; Prevention; Common Disharmonies; Creating a Materia Medica

Unit 5: Nervous System
The Central Nervous System; The Peripheral Nervous System; The Enteric Nervous System; Stress; Headaches; Sleep; Herbs

Unit 6: Cardiovascular
Anatomy of the Heart; Blood Pressure; Cholesterol; Heart Strong/Heart Health; Herbal Therapeutics; Diet; Glycosides; The Energetic Heart

Unit 7: The Liver
Anatomical Overview; Liver Health; Liver Imbalances; Herbal Treatments; Bitters

Unit 8: Respiratory
Breathing; Asthma; Lung Imbalances; Herbal Tonics; Natural Remedies

Unit 9: Urinary System
Kidney and Urinary Health; UTI; Herbs

Unit 10: Children
Common Discomforts; Formulas and Recipes; Which Herbs are Safe; Dosing

Review Verdict: The Herbal Academy is a legitimate system that works

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What Can You Expect To Learn From The Herbal Academy?

Some of the things members have learned include the following:

  • Way more about the body than one could ever thought they would know without going to school for nursing
  • The different types of plants and how they work with (and sometimes against) the body
  • How to manage auto-immune disease and ADHD with plants
  • How to create incredible herbal teas for taste and for medicinal purposes
  • How to forage plants in the wild
  • How to find the best herbs and materials (with 25% discounts for being a Herbal Academy student!)
  • How to integrate a holistic, plant-based approach to wellness in their lives
  • And much more!

Review Verdict: The Herbal Academy is a legitimate system that works

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Conclusion about The Herbal Academy


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