Wealthy Agency Review – Is Wealthy Agency Legit?

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What Is Wealthy Agency?

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Are you looking for more information about Jamie Lewis’ Wealthy Agency system and wondering whether or not this system can legitimately help you start earning a real income online? Jamie Lewis has a great reputation in the internet business world, and in this system he teaches members how to set up their own profitable agencies providing various digital and creative services without having to be experienced in providing these services yourself.

Once you get past the salesy, hyped-up marketing tactics on the main sales-page, at the heart of it is a legitimate business model you could actually make money with.

Does that mean we think you’re going to make $100,000+ per month from day 1? Absolutely not! But you could get there eventually if you follow the Wealthy Agency strategy and work at it consistently over time.If you’d like to learn how to set up your digital service-based outsourcing agency then give Wealthy Agency a shot.

So far, we have found this system to be very effective and different from the many others out there that only sounds good in theory but don’t work in practice. The entry fee is also very affordable and very well-worth it once you have your profitable agency up and running. The agency that you set up can be used to sell many services, including website creation, Facebook ads and many others. You won’t have to know how to do any of these by yourselves though as you will be taught how to automate everything using their outsourcing suite (however, take note that the outsourcing strategies are not included in the basic package but that you will have to make an upgrade for it).

How Does Wealthy Agency Work?

If you sign up for $29 to Jamie Lewis’ Wealthy Agency training course you’re essentially going to be learning about how to start your own digital freelancing agency.

You’ll be earning money taking on jobs from clients by offering services like:

  • Website creation and development
  • Logo design
  • Social media ad campaigns

Don’t worry though, as you will not have to know how to do any of this yourself because you’ll be outsourcing these tasks by hiring online freelancers to do this for you.

how digital outsourcing works diagram

Jamie’s training will take members through exactly how to look for clients, primarily by running Facebook ad campaigns, and how to outsource the work through sites like Upwork.com and Freelance.com, which effectively means that you are acting as a middleman.

Every single Clickbank product we have ever reviewed have upsells that come with it. Personally, upsells are a pet peeve of mine because we believe there should not be a need for upsells if the product is strong enough to stand on it’s own.

The sad fact is, upsells are primarily a way for the product owner and promoters to get more money out of you.

Wealthy Agency has 3 upsells which amount to $677 in total:


With this upgrade you will get Jamie’s behind-the-scenes to get his exact ad templates that he uses to find outsourcing agents as well as tutorials on how to agree the right prices and screening applicants to make sure you only hire the best workers.

wealthy agency jamie lewis


This upsell gives members an ‘all-access pass’ to Jamie Lewis’ weekly teaching webinars so they can get ongoing training. In a radio show style format Jamie usually invites special guests and runs live Q&A sessions.


This is a 2GB zip file of Jamie’s done-for-you (DFY) Facebook ad campaigns and additional training videos. Now of course these upsells are completely optional, but in all honesty we think that you are going to want the Wealthy Agency Outsource Suite to have a decent chance of success at this.


Does Wealthy Agency Really Work?

As we said before, becoming a service outsourcer is certainly a legitimate path to start making money online. There will always be online entrepreneurs and companies who require a website building for them, or a logo designed or a Facebook page made.

There are a lot of sites out there that have people willing to perform these kinds of jobs for a reasonably low price (we use them all the time) and so if you can get good at finding clients and being the go-between then there is definitely income earning potential.

What Are The Other Upgrades to Jamie Lewis’ Wealthy Agency?

Another upgrade we strongly recommend getting is the 1-on-1 coaching live webinar weekly, since we have found this to be essential to stay up-to-date with this industry and if you are serious about this business, you will definitely want to include this in your membership. The other upgrade is the downloadable plug-and-play business-in-a-box download, and you can choose if you want this depending on whether or not you want to save time and just get up-and-running immediately.

Join Wealthy Agency Here!

The official website can be found here at the Wealthy Agency Official Website.


This system requires very little upkeep as all we have to do now is make sure our ads are running and our outsourcers are active. If starting your own profitable digital agency and earning passive income regularly is something you are interested in, then we definitely recommend you to learn more about Wealthy Agency at the button link below!

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