SiteSync Review – Is SiteSync Legit?

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Created by online business owner Neil Napier for immediate assurance of backup of all your sites

SiteSync is a new breakthrough website backup restoration solution

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SiteSync is a new cloud product that can backup, immediately download and restore your website. If you get hacked with this product on your side you would simply just get your server cleaned and then restore your site. In this SiteSync review we will show you what you can expect from this new tool from Neil Napier and Paul Blitz.

What Exactly Is SiteSync All About?

SiteSync is a cloud-based software that has been designed and built by Neil Napier and Paul Blitz. Now where there is an internet connection you can quickly backup, download or restore your website.

Review Verdict: SiteSync is a legitimate product that works

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What Are The Main Uses of SiteSync?

If your website gets hacked or it get downloaded with a virus you safe and can rest with peace of mind now. If you have a complete backup of all your websites, you can restore it on a new server.

Hosting companies tend to only keep a small and limited backup of your website. To keep your website totally safe you would want to back it up too. SiteSync makes that a breeze as users can do this all from within their dashboard.

The dashboard has a menu with all the features down the left side and a clean user interface on the right.

Walkthrough Of SiteSync’s Easy-To-Use Dashboard

This makes it truly a breeze to use. For some backup software and plugins, you usually have to pay a shit load money to get the service you require. With this software, you can backup, download and restore up to 50 websites for only $37.

This means that you can move all the websites you have on to the 1 security platform and manage from 1 location.

Review of Steps to Executing SiteSync Backup

Step 1: Log Into Your Dashboard

When you buy your plan you will be sent a username and password. Head over to SiteSync main website and log in using these.

When your inside you will land on your dashboard that will give you all the stats you need. This will include how many FTP, WordPress websites and plugins that are being backed up.

Step 2: Inside Your Dashboard

In your dashboard, you should see a big button and below it, you will find “Backup your website.”

Click this button and you should be taken to the add a site section.

When here click the purple plus sign, this will bring you to the add site options. You will also see a link to download this plugin for WordPress and the security hash ID.

If you are running a WordPress website we would highly recommend you download the plugin.

Step 3: Upload & Setup Your WordPress Plugin

Do not close Site Sync when you are uploading the plugin as you will need this page to validate.

Once you download the plugin you will set up just like you would with any WordPress Plugin. Activate and go to the plugin settings.

This is where you key in the security hash ID code.

Step 4: Continue Adding your Site Inside SiteSync

Now that the code is added it is time to validate your WordPress site on Site Sync. You will see a validate button on the Add site section.

Once it says successfully validated, you can start the process right away. Go to the next button.

This is the part of the setup where you choose how often you should backup your site. For most daily should be sufficient but if you only update your website once a month, then monthly would be fine.

Choose what is best for you and click next to start backing up.

Review Verdict: SiteSync is a legitimate product that works

Visit SiteSync Website

Conclusion about SiteSync


The truth is you are getting a great deal here and it is very important to backup your website. Nobody can predict whether they will or will not get hacked so I would say it pays to be safer.

This really is set and forget, well unless you have to restore or download something. I was really happy to get this software and have a peace of mind about my online websites.


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