Secret Brain System Review – Is Secret Brain System Legit?

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Secret Brain System REVIEW

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Secret Brain System is breakthrough collection of life lessons by ancient kings to transform lives

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FULL REVIEW OF Secret Brain System

Secret Brain System derives valuable life lessons and success stories from the lives of ancient kings and aggregates this knowledge in the form of a self-improvement video course that can transform your life. It will help readers to bring about a positive change in their lives and show them the way to success.

Is Secret Brain System Legit?

Before we dive into reviewing the contents of the video course, we always like to start by evaluating its credibility as a way to gauge whether the value we will get from this course is worth the money we pay for it. Let’s face it, there are tons of self-help materials and courses out there in the online marketplace, what makes Secret Brain System so unique and special which we cannot find elsewhere?

Credibility starts with the people behind Secret Brain System, a self help and personal development video course created by Winter Vee and Alvin Huang.

With Google at our fingertips, we can deduce that Winter Vee is more successful than most people – he has created multiple 7-figure business, using pure determination, the principles of self-actualization, and proven business strategies. From his website at Achieve Today, a description of Winter Vee: “Having a healthy sense of self-concept and after actively developing his skills in critical thinking, Mr. Vee has created a powerful and enlightening program designed to help individuals reach their financial goals. This program utilizes a powerful and authentic method which allows for individual adaptability, making it easily accessible by all.” Achieve Today had also been named as the #2 company in the Top 50 Companies to work for in Utah before.

Review Verdict: Secret Brain System is a legitimate product that works

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Review of Alvin Huang of Secret Brain System

Alvin Huang is also another successful being a success and personal growth coach and trainer.

He is the CEO of Success Vantage Pte Ltd based in Singapore and an international speaker on various personal growth, self-improvement and motivation conferences and programmes. Success Vantage has approximately 10-15 employees and is a successful company specialising in creating self-help and personal growth products. All in all, we have found both Alvin and Winter are highly successful and motivated people leading highly successful companies. Their values are also reflected through the manner in which they treat others and their employees – with Achieve Today becoming one of the Top Companies to work for in Utah and Success Vantage having core values on ‘Growth & Learning’ and ‘Employees come first’.

With all these being said, we daresay that we have much to learn from Secret Brain System – one of the top self-help course which Alvin and Winter has poured so much of their time and effort into. Credibility, then, or whether Secret Brain System is legit or not, no longer became a concern after finding out the credibility of the people behind it.

How Can Secret Brain System Benefit You?

Secret Brain System is a program that targets the potential of the mind and how to use the power of the mind to bring financial success to your life. It is built upon the observations and lessons that can be learnt from some of the most powerful and successful people in the history of mankind – the Kings, Emperors and Pharaohs of the ancient world.

The video transformation course is divided into three main pillars, which are Egypt, China, and Israel.


Egypt was our favorite of the three pillars and the one we found the most interesting. In it, you can learn secrets of the pharaohs, finding out how they managed and controlled their global empire for hundreds of years. 


The next pillar is China. It focuses on the ancient kings of China and uses the Great Wall of China to prove the importance of setting boundaries. If one dos not define boundaries, they will be vulnerable to foreign attacks.


The final pillar is Israel. Israel teaches one of the most important lessons and shows readers the way towards maintaining peace in their lives and in the environment around them.

Review Verdict: Secret Brain System is a legitimate product that works

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Overview of Key Concepts Taught In Secret Brain System

Some of the important concepts explained in the video course are given below: 

#1: Set Boundaries and Organise

The theme of the first pillar revolves around the idea of setting boundaries for protecting your internal assets from foreign attacks. Creating boundaries acts as a two-edged sword: it not only protects you against external threats but also allows you to organize and eliminate distractions.

Opportunities and Risks

Another important life lesson featured in the course is to take advantage on every opportunity that comes your way. If you want to be successful in today’s world, you need to stay one step ahead. We were quite amazed to learn how ancient kings who lived thousands of years ago took advantage of this proactive principle.

Take Advantage of Available Resources

Most people complain about lack of resources and that is one of the reasons for their downfall. According to this interesting video course, you should focus more on capitalising on the resources you have instead of wasting time complaining about the resources you lack. Whether it is tangible resources or intangible resources, this course teaches how to utilize them to the fullest.

Overall Summary of Secret Brain System

This is a manual that teaches and guides readeres on how to get rid of all the negative conditioning that they may have accumulated in their mind over decades. You can learn how to use the power of thought to bring out your deepest desires into existence.

You can use the power of your thoughts to turn your own financial dreams into reality. It teaches advantageous skills and knowledge to boost one’s career and make oneself twice as productive and profitable. It also teaches how to create a solid budget and get control of your finances.

Finally, it also provides tools to advance each members’ business ideas and turn them into reality.

Let’s take a quick peek at the membership area for Secret Brain System. You can see that it is neatly organised into separate sections and based on the three pillars with separate modules in each of them.

Overall, we have found this program to be incredibly detailed and packed full of vital information. The Secret Brain System also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Review Verdict: Secret Brain System is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Secret Brain System


With this course, you will learn about success secrets in completely different ways and come out having all the necessary tools to construct a better world for yourself. The program is organised with easy-to-grasp concepts, ideas and examples. It is also strongly focused on the things that are important in a person’s life and controlling self-discipline. At the beginning of this review, we have also verified the credibility of Secret Brain System and proven that this is not legit.

For those of you who are yet to be convinced or have other reservations, do take note that the program includes a full refund in 60 days.


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