Panic Away Program Review – Does Panic Away Really Work?

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Panic Away Program REVIEW

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Created by Barry McDonagh for Effectively Treating Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Panic Away Program is a new breakthrough course for destroying those intrusive thoughts and worries

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FULL REVIEW OF Panic Away Program

I heard from a few friends of mine that Panic Away Program was the real natural program to treat my anxiety and panic attacks.  I was desperate, and was up to trying anything at that point.

Why I Really Wanted To Use Panic Away Program

I got to a point in life where I started to grasp onto self-pity, it was like I was wearing glasses that made me look at the world with such a negative view.  My curiosity and desperation got the better of me and I wanted to try it.  Although I couldn’t a lot of useful information online, I saw that there was a Panic Away Program product money back guarantee and so I bought it.  This is my review of the product as follows. I was terrified of going out in public and became much too nervous and anxious about any deadlines or company meetings at work, hence this is a product that I was desperate to make it work on me.

Review Verdict: Panic Away Program is a legitimate product that works

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What Does Panic Away Program Teach?

Barry McDonagh, the creator of Panic Away Program described my symptoms almost perfectly on the website, they were exactly thoughts going through my head….

“Maybe you worry about events you have to attend for weeks before they happen and then feign some sudden illness just to get out of going.”


“Do you experience intrusive thoughts that lead you to believe you are cracking up?”


I knew myself to be a very relaxed and social person who was always happy and smiling … this wasn’t me and I had no clue why all of a sudden I could started having these attacks.

It was nice to know he’s been in the exact same shoes I was in, I felt comfortable knowing that there is a person who ‘gets’ how I feel has come up with a solution.  It’s not the same when you are just sitting there with a therapist who theoretically gets how you feel … but have they been there, in that place so low and so panicky that you really feel like the walls are coming down on you and you have no control over your life.

What Was My Experience Like With Panic Away Program?

I want answers and solutions from a person who has and that’s what I found with Panic Away Program. I’ve tried the medication method (hesitantly).  I always felt uncomfortable taking medication to numb the problem … that means I have to end up depending on it … so I’m never going to be myself again.  Panic Away Program would give me the tools I needed to manage my problem and understand everything about it.

Review Verdict: Panic Away Program is a legitimate product that works

Visit Panic Away Program Website

Can You Really Trust Barry McDonagh of Panic Away Program?

I have to admit, I was slightly uncomfortable that Barry didn’t have a medical degree, but then I realized there’s probably more value in having someone who’s been there … as opposed to someone that has ‘read about it’.

Just to reiterate… Barry McDonagh is the creator of Panic Away Program, which is designed to treat general anxiety and panic attacks. This is not a mechanism for coping with the problem… it’s mental training to permanently and completely end your suffering.

Pros of Panic Away Program

  • Gives us panic attack sufferers a complete different way of thinking about anxiety
  • Barry gets it … he gets us … he’s been there and has cured himself using this method
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) method without the cost of therapy (thank goodness!)
  • This is not only a coping mechanism, it’s a final solution
  • Works for anxiety, panic attacks, and GAD sufferers
  • 8 Week Refund Period

Cons of Panic Away Program

  • No medical expertise but at the core of Panic Away Program Barry has a proven technique, namely the 21-7 Technique™ that was pushed away in the 60s because of the drive to sell prescription drugs (hmm)
  • You’ve got to be ready to practice the techniques in all aspects of your life, its not an easy fix (although, I don’t believe there is one … unless you want to take medication
  • Concentration and Mental focus are critical for this, you will have to be dedicated to reading this and focusing on it

What Is in the Panic Away Program Download?

Panic Away Program comes in 2 versions, which is great.  There is a physical version and the digital version.  The only real difference between the two is how quickly you receive the program after purchase as the digital version is downloadable right away.

The Panic Away Program program includes:

  1. A Book (physical or digital)
  2. Videos
  3. A set of MP3 tracks (CD or digital)

The program begins by giving you information on the true causes behind anxiety and stress (panic) and then works to educate you so you can understand yourself better. You then move into three steps which Panic Away Program denotes these three steps as “Recovery”.
The three steps must be done in sequential order.

Step 1:

How to get rid of panic attacks with the ‘single move technique’. Once you get into it … it’s quite a simple concept but not obvious.

Step 2:

This is more about handling with general anxiety disorder (GAD). Breathing exercises calm your body & mind, and the book works you through these methods.

Step 3:

When you get to this stage you will be finishing the recovery. Specific anxiety sensations, what they are and how to manage with them is also discussed.

Review Verdict: Panic Away Program is a legitimate product that works

Go To Panic Away Program Website

Conclusion about Panic Away Program


Panic Away Program is a completely holistic and natural program therefore there are no side effects.  What we have found is that this has also worked for over 90% of the people who have tried it.

There is a 60 day guarantee and even personal counseling.



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