Is Paid Surveys At Home Legit?

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Paid Surveys At Home REVIEW

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Created for Home Income Via Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys At Home is a new paid surveys site

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FULL REVIEW OF Paid Surveys At Home

There will be no suspense here like you see on most other sites. Like all things on the internet, some programs are legits and some are not.

Can You Really Get Paid by Paid Surveys At Home?

Yes, you can get paid for taking online surveys with this website. There are also groups for testing new products or joining focus group discussions in this site. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

So far, we are making money with Paid Surveys At Home. It is not legit though we have to say some of the surveys do require some time commitment, but the good thing is they always pay out in the end. These surveys are from companies who are looking for potential consumers to give their opinions, usually on products that have not yet been released.

Review Verdict: Paid Surveys At Home is a legitimate product that works

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How Does Paid Surveys At Home Work Behind The Scenes?

Essentially, the site owners get hired by companies to find out what people think through their surveys, so that these companies can make better products in future to make even more money that way. But a company is usually only interested in certain demographics (age, location, income, etc.), since all companies make very specific products.

So, research companies sometimes pay to find the demographics of people that meet their survey criteria. Signing up for these surveys is free inside the Paid Surveys At Home site. Some sites work another way by creating a list of paid surveys and selling them to its members.

We have to admit the entire site looked a little spammy with over-the-top income claims. But the fact is they do operate a legitimate site distributing the paid surveys of real companies, so users can look past the hype if they want to generate a real income through paid surveys.

What Else Do You Get With Your Paid Surveys At Home Membership?

Once inside, users can go ahead and click on the hundreds of surveys links to sign up for each one separately. Members get a list of surveys and the payments that each one offers. It is quite a lot of work to sign up to each, but the income that it provided us with in the end was well worth the effort.  Unlike other side-jobs, anyone can do this on their free time and there’s practically no time constraints.

Review Verdict: Paid Surveys At Home is a legitimate product that works

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What Are The Drawbacks of Paid Surveys At Home?

  • Some sites only offer you bonus points for completing a survey, but this is clearly stated before you even start the survey.
  • Some companies’ thresholds can be steep. Even with the bonus points, it might be a long time before some companies pay out the rewards.
  • Some companies’ surveys can be infrequent, hence don’t expect the surveys from each company to come with any regularity.
  • Though there are hundreds of sites to join, many companies limit the people who can take their surveys to certain geographies only. (For example: some sites only want people from the U.S. or Australia)
  • Some companies do not pay out in cash (paypal, sodexho GCs, or otherwise), but this will be clearly stated before taking any surveys.


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Conclusion about Paid Surveys At Home


There is indeed a list of cons to making money with surveys as we have highlighted above. Yes, like any other legitimate opportunity to make money, it does require some work.  If you only have limited free time per day, it’s still a viable side-job. Even if you do have a lot of free time but not enough skill or experience to get online freelance jobs to generate another income, this is indeed a great solution.

In conclusion, this is a paid survey site we can recommend, because we were paid on time in the right amounts, and the Paid Survey At Home site fulfils all the promises that they have stated.


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