PaidSocialMediaJobs Review – Is Paid Social Media Jobs Legit?

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PaidSocialMediaJobs REVIEW

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PaidSocialMediaJobs is a new breakthrough online platform for earning an income from social media online

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FULL REVIEW OF PaidSocialMediaJobs

So what is PaidSocialMediaJobs all about? Basically what the name implies! Members can technically get paid to manage social and media accounts for businesses.

What Are You Required To Do In Paid Social Media Jobs?

These types of Social Media Jobs can include such tasks as creating and running twitter, Pinterest and facebook campaigns for a business, that’s the simplest form of work that may be required.

You may be asked to design and program websites, work on youtube video promotions, track social media campaigns, etc. The PaidSocialMediaJobs program is a program in the sense that it tells members what they need to be employed in these areas of expertise. One thing to keep in mind is this isn’t a mom and pop facebook or twitter account you will be managing, it is likely a fairly substantial account that expects results and a professional looking representation of their business.

Review Verdict: PaidSocialMediaJobs is a legitimate system that works

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What Do You Get As A Member Of Paid Social Media Jobs?

The PaidSocialMediaJobs program provides a complete list of steps that are needed to be taken to gain employment as a Social media, freelancer.

Here’s a brief summary of what they tell members inside the Paid Social Media Program.

  • Members will need to convince their clients of their skill set.
  • Members will need to demonstrate how they can fulfill the company’s requirements.
  • They have to enter into a legally binding contract with their prospective client.
  • Perform the necessary billing for services rendered.
  • Members will need to ensure their clients that they are trustworthy with their name.

Who Is The Owner of PaidSocialMediaJobs And Can You Really Trust Her?

Annie Jones, a single mother, says she was heavily in debt until a friend showed her how to earn money by “playing around” with Twitter and Facebook. Now she says she earns more than $700 every week with social media and even showed a PayPal account screen shot that shows how much money she has in her account.  Is PaidSocialMediaJobs website for real?  Is PaidSocialMediaJobs site legit?

Review Verdict: PaidSocialMediaJobs is a legitimate system that works

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What Skills Should You Have To Join PaidSocialMediaJobs?

Social media has exploded in both size and importance in recent years and millions of users spend at least some time each day on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  It only stands to reason that there are people who might need to have tasks completed with these sites and might be willing to pay for them. According to PaidSocialMediaJobs, there are 1000s of such opportunities, and all you have to do to cash in is know where to look for them.

The basic PaidSocialMediaJobs product costs $47 and this will give you access to the members’ area, where users can “start getting paid to do simple jobs on Facebook and Twitter right away.” PaidSocialMediaJobs Website has a members area where they can post classified ads offering to do things for people on social media.

In fact, there are sections for:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Squidoo
  • Hub Pages
  • Stumble Upon
  • LinkedIn

Each of these sections currently has anywhere from 10 to 400 ads there, where people will offer to create accounts, upload videos, write blog posts, install software and more, all with prices ranging from $10 to $60 or so.

PaidSocialMediaJobs was started in mid-2012 through the Clickbank marketplace. Within the first 6 weeks it was in the top four spots of the entire ‘Employment And Jobs’ category and a gravity of over 170.

Why Are Many People Joining PaidSocialMediaJobs?

With the advent of social media people are connected with each other and most of the internet users are using this for wasting time but other know this fact and capitalizing this opportunity for earning money. I have found a similar opportunity that guides members through how to earn money using social media. When you land on the site sales page then you will see how a mum makes $700 per week by just helping other people on social media.

After signing up with this program, members would get access to their training, tools and job portal.

Members are required to go through all the training modules and after this, create a resume for their business and then start finding jobs on the marketplace.

After completing their training, members would become social media manager and different business are looking for their expertise to complete their social media tasks. Jobs can include wide range of social media tasks like;

  • Post status updates
  • Manage FB groups
  • Gain new Twitter or Facebook followers
  • Post comments
  • Create accounts
  • Many more….

We have seen a lot of business models but we do believe that this business model also works great especially for starters. If you have some specialised skills, then you can also earn some good residual income.


Review Verdict: PaidSocialMediaJobs is a legitimate platform that works

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Conclusion about PaidSocialMediaJobs


The actual money members are paying for this subscription are for jobs board, and the videos giving them some broad ideas of what they can do as a social media manager. In short, PaidSocialMediaJobs is a legit program and based on a model which is very legit.

If you are looking for some extra money then this is certainly a good opportunity for you.


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