Eat Stop Eat Fasting Method by Brad Pilon Review – Is Eat Stop Eat Legit?

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Eat Stop Eat Diet REVIEW

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Created by fitness expert Brad Pilon for getting rid of rebound weight gain

Eat Stop Eat Diet is a new breakthrough weight loss strategy

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System Eat Stop Eat Diet
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Overall Score 9.3/10

FULL REVIEW OF Eat Stop Eat Diet

In this review we would like to outline some of the good as well as some of the negative aspects of the Eat Stop Eat Diet diet. We are making it our goal to remain as unbiased as we  can, however we must tell you that this diet has been effective for sure. Eat Stop Eat Diet is the diet that started intermittent fasting and covers how a person can use 1-2 fasts per week to lose fat and preserve muscle.

What Can You Expect To Be Doing With Eat Stop Eat Diet?

When you are on Eat Stop Eat Diet, you engage in resistance or weight training to maintain and build muscle, rather than cardio or other types of exhaustive exercise. You don’t have to exercise on fasting days, however. The Eat Stop Eat Diet Quick Start Guide recommends a consistent training schedule of three to four times per week, with two to four exercises per body part, two to five sets per exercise, and six to 15 reps per set. Scientific research supports intermittent fasting as an effective weight-loss tool.

Review Verdict: Eat Stop Eat Diet is a legitimate product that works

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Why Does Eat Stop Eat Diet Work?

One review of literature, published in Obesity Reviews in 2011, found that up to 12 weeks of intermittent calorie restriction – similar to the Eat Stop Eat Diet plan – was as effective in weight loss as reducing calories by a set amount every day; in addition, it helped dieters retain more lean muscle mass. This type of intermittent fasting may produce other health benefits, too.

A review published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 discovered that fasting on alternate days led to lower risk of chronic disease in animals, although more studies on humans are needed. Pilon cites reduced inflammation and cellular “cleansing” as other possible benefits. Finally, Eat Stop Eat Diet may be less confusing and more straightforward than diets in which you have to limit an entire food group, like fat or carbs.

Having to fast every week may not fit your lifestyle. Richard Bloomer, chair of health sport sciences at the University of Memphis in Tennessee, told the journal CMAJ in 2013, “Most people aren’t going to be able to do it.” Pilon admitted to the same reporter that Eat Stop Eat Diet is best done privately because it interferes with regular social interactions, like meals with family or friends.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Eat Stop Eat Diet?

The diet may cause headaches and crankiness in some people, and is not a viable choice for diabetics, pregnant women or those with a history of eating disorders like bingeing. The plan permits artificially sweetened drinks, which may actually make you crave sweets or choose unhealthy foods because you have “saved” calories. Finally, Eat Stop Eat Diet doesn’t make any specific meal-plan recommendations for non-fasting days, leaving you to demonstrate enormous self-control and judge for yourself what to eat – an area in which many people who struggle with their weight need guidance. But all in all, we would still say that given the benefits and the fact that it really works, we will still highly recommend this program.

Review Verdict: Eat Stop Eat Diet is a legitimate product that works

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Goal of Eat Stop Eat Diet System

We originally learned about intermittent fasting from a review through our friend. After looking more into it, we found that Eat Stop Eat Diet was the diet most used by those whom we respected in the fitness industry. After Brad’s in-depth research and thorough testing, he has discovered intermittent fasting to be healthy and effective for fat loss. What he found during his research titled “The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss” was that most people did not slow down their metabolism and that fasting did not cause muscle loss all on it’s own

In fact, people didn’t lose any muscle while their metabolism was improved. Like many who initially hear about Eat Stop Eat Diet, we did have our reservations.

After we finally committed to to purchasing Brad Pilon’s diet and started to implement it,we were very impressed at not only the results but also in the ease of use. After the first week of following this diet plan, we already noticed that we were dropping fat.

After 2 months we lost all the weight that we had ever wanted. Now, we use Eat Stop Eat Diet to maintain our body weights while still enjoying the foods and drinks that we love. Although members do see results quickly, they should not expect to see them overnight.

Does Eat Stop Eat Diet Really Work?

This diet is more like a lifestyle change than a “lose weight fast” diet.

Members can eat the foods that they eat now and still expect to lose 1-2 pounds of fat every week. That may not sound like a lot and we know there are many false promises online but Brad’s is a solid number.

If you lost 1.5 pounds of fat each week, for 3 months that is 18 pounds. Go for 6 months and you’re at 36 pounds, 12 months and you could be 72 pounds lighter, which is actually a realistic number for this diet … if you’ve got that much to lose.

There are a lot positives to this diet. What we really liked, since we work at desks all day, was the option of buying the audio version. In order to get this members can purchase the “Ultimate Package” which includes many more extras.

Review Verdict: Eat Stop Eat Diet is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Eat Stop Eat Diet


Overall, Eat Stop Eat Diet had been easier than we had initially thought it would be, and the fact is that it really does work.

If you know (or think) that you are ready to give this a shot and get rid of those last 5 (or 50) pounds we give Eat Stop Eat Diet our highest rating for a long term diet/lifestyle change.



IM VIP Training Review – Does IM VIP Training Really Work?

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IM VIP Training Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)


Created by IM expert Kevin Fahey for Learning How to Build an Online Business step-by-step

IM VIP Training is a new breakthrough fast internet business system

Read 100% Free IM VIP Training Review by Scamorno Team


System IM VIP Training
Website URL
Trial Start Trial
Overall Score 9.0/10


IM VIP Training is a Step-By-Step Training Reveals How You Can Make $12,397 from the first month… And Then Scale That To A 6, And Even 7 Figure Online Income for some members.

Inside IM VIP Training system, You’ll Discover…

  • How to get started today even if you may not have a list, a website, or a product to sell now.
  • Have little or money for advertising? No problem… Kevin shows members how to get large amounts of targeted traffic for as little as $5
  • And don’t worry if you’re not a tech “expert.” ANYONE, regardless of background or experience can see fast results with this….
  • The ultra-fast, foolproof method for putting $100+ into a PayPal account in just 1 day from RIGHT NOW!

How Is Kevin Fahey’s IM VIP Training Different From Other Coaching Programs?

When compared to other internet marketing coaching programs we have tested before, Kevin particularly has plenty of case studies to demonstrate how he uses the strategies he teaches himself. The easiest way to profit online is by following a PROVEN method – with his case studies we have found it much easier to “copy and paste” his own strategies on our campaigns.

Besides, Kevin’s training is alsodelivered in a newbie-friendly format that makes “copying” easy… for ANYONE. Members get access to everything such as “over the shoulder” videos to PDF instruction guides.

Review Verdict: IM VIP Training is a legitimate product that works

Visit IM VIP Training Website

Review of IM VIP Training’s Member Support

Although the training inside is second to none, support and accountability can be the “missing link” to online success… IM VIP Training is a community with 100s of like-minded people… just like yourself.

As part of your membership, members will get access to the same software and tools that Kevin himself uses in his business to make $30,000+ per month… These tools will help members profit and scale their businesses faster than they thought possible. The training inside IM VIP is delivered in a beginner-friendly format that makes learning easy… for anyone.

Members will get access to everything form “over the shoulder” videos to PDFs… When Tey Make The Wise Decision To Become A Member, They’ll Discover… How to start making money starting with no list or product.

What Can You Learn From Joining IM VIP Training?

  • The step-by-step process for making fast affiliate commissions within 24 hours from RIGHT NOW…
  • How to use a powerful, yet often overlooked, free traffic generation method to send thousands of targeted visitors to your opt-in pages, affiliate offers, and sales pages…
  • Why building a list is a MUST if you would like to build a REAL online business and how you can build your first list for FREE…
  • An overview of Kevin’s EXACT autoresponder setup… this took him years of trial and error to figure out, and he’s giving it to members on a silver platter…
  • How Kevin quickly and easily built a responsive list of 12,000 subscribers and how members can do the same
  • The “easy cash” method Kevin’s colleagues and himself uses to successfully close high ticket coaching programs – Just one of these programs can easily put $10,000, or more, in members’ pockets in a matter of days…
  • Kevin’s secret trick for having a converting sales funnel up and running within 3 minutes or less… no special tech skills required… if you can point and click your mouse and check your email, you’re good to go!
  • The fastest way to get to $100 per day and how these little campaigns can be scaled up fast
  • How to get paid in advanced before you even create your next product…
  • Take home BIG cash promoting affiliate offers by using Kevin’s PROVEN strategy to land on affiliate contest leader-boards… over and over again… members can do this even if they don’t have a large list…
  • How to outsource things in your online business that they don’t want to do without swasting time, pinning your wheels, and getting frustrated…
  • The step-by-step method Kevin personally used to dominate Facebook ads with a starting budget of just $5.
  • How to shortcut your way to creating your own product with (Private Label Rights)…
  • Although not a “sexy” topic, why setting up tracking in your online business is really important to your success, and how to do it using free tools and resources…
  • Plus, a lot more about setting up an online business…

Review Verdict: IM VIP Training is a legitimate product that works

Visit IM VIP Training Website

Summary of Contents in IM VIP Training

  • Hours of step-by-step internet business training.
  • Software, resources, and tools
  • Real-world real-life case studies.
  • Support and accountability to reach each memebers’ online goals.
  • Access to Kevin’s private Facebook Group.
  • Plus, regularly added resources, training, content, webinars.

Based on everything a member is getting, it would be very easy for Kevin to put a price tag of $297 per month on IM VIP Training, which is the typical price of coaching we have seen for this level of coaching program.

Not to mention, when you apply what members’ learn inside, they would easily make enough money to cover their monthly investment… and enjoy a nice level of income.

Review Verdict: IM VIP Training is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about IM VIP Training


Right now for 2016, Kevin is also including live webinar training for the entire course, which is an unprecedentedly high quality level of training he is providing in our opinions.

IM VIP Training’s strategies have dramatically increased our online income, and we have seen the same for many other members in the Facebook private group, making us very confident to recommend this program to our readers.