Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game Review – Is It Really Worth It?

Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game REVIEW

Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)


Created by Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki to teach people about investing and money

Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game is a powerful investing board- game that teaches players how to get out of the “rat race”

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System Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game
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Overall Score 9.1/10

FULL REVIEW OF Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game

A rival to Monopoly, Cash Flow 101 is gaining popularity and strong support throughout the richdad community. This product was created and designed by Robert Kiyosaki way back in 1996 to teach people about money and investing.

Is Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game Worth The Money?

What’s so special about this Rich Dad board game?

A lot of people asked this question, “Is Cash Flow 101 really good?”

Well, we’ve bought the game quite long ago in 2003 and decided to try it ourselves.

Game contents

Let’s look at the contents of Rich DadCashflow 101 in a nutshell:

  • Cash flow board game
  • Playing Cash
  • Playing pieces (rat, cheese, and tokens)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Occupation cards
  • Dice
  • decks of cards consisting of opportunity, market, and doodads
  • A pad of game cards
  • “Secrets of the Rich” video

Review Verdict: Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game is a legitimate product that works

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The Basics of Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game

The boardgame is split into two tracks.

One is called the “Rat Race” (the circular track) and the other track is called the “Fast Track”. The game has two objectives:

a) The first one is to move from the rat race out onto the fast track. Players do that by earning enough income producing assets (passive income) to exceed their monthly expenses

b) Once players move to the fast track, their next goal is to land on their dream space (which they would have chosen earlier) or reach the $50000 mark in passive income to win the game.

Types of Cards in Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game

Instead of having “chance and trasure chest” deck cards like those in Monopoly, you’ll have 4 different decks in Cash Flow 101. Let’s check out each of them:

a) Small Deal: This opportunity card contains investments like stocks, businesses and real estate that costs $5000 or below

b) Big Deal: Big deal cards include investments that costs $6000 or more. Examples of big deals are apartments, large businesses and 8 plexes.

c)Market: The market shows players the events of the game such as business opportunity or trends.

d) Doodad: These are unnecessary expenses that players have to spend. When players land on this square, they have no choice but to pay for it. Examples of doodads are TVs, sunglasses, boats, etc.

Review Verdict: Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game is a legitimate product that works

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Is Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game Easy to Play? 

Playing cash flow 101 is quite a challenge for the first time as players need to familiarise themselves with the game card. The game card is where players make changes to their financial statements throughout the game. Before the game starts start, players need to choose an occupation card (a job) and input the financial details into their game cards. Jobs can vary from janitor to doctor, with each one having its own income and expenses.

You also need to assign the banker role to other players or assume the role yourself.

The game has different types of squares, with each one presenting an opportunity to draw one of the four deck cards.

Of course players have the usual “paycheck square” which is similar to “GO” in Monopoly, where they collect their salary everytime they land or pass through (they have to ask for their salary or it’s gone)

What Does Bruce Krahn Reveal in Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game?

Players need to be careful of the “downsized” square. When they land on it, they will temporarilly lose their job, pay an amount equals to expenses and lose two turns. They cannot collect their paycheck during this period. The “charity” gives the player option to donate 10 percent of their monthly salary and get to roll two dices in the next three turns.

Then there is the “baby” square where players will have a new baby and therefore will have to pay monthly expenses for their child.

Once players have successfully achieved more passive income than their expenses, then they automatically qualify to this level.  Unlike the rat race, they don’t have jobs in the fast track as all of their income comes from either businesses or investments.  Things are a little different on this track as there are larger opportunities and more cash involvement.

Review Verdict: Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game


The Cash Flow boardgame does not give legal and investment advice, but only basic financial education, hence it is great for beginners but not necessarily stimulating for finance industry professionals.  For those  who really need to improve their vocabulary on investing or have a strong desire to move from the real-life “rat race” to the fast track, Cash Flow 101 can really help them get started fast.

If you’re interested, you can also choose join the cashflow clubs or find players in your local area.



Get A Girlfriend Fast Review – Does Get A Girlfriend Fast Really Work?

Get A Girlfriend Fast REVIEW

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Created by dating coach Carlos Xuma for Women Attraction Success

Get A Girlfriend Fast is a new breakthrough dating program for instant attraction with women

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System Get A Girlfriend Fast
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Overall Score 9.1/10

FULL REVIEW OF Get A Girlfriend Fast

Carlos Xuma’s Get A Girlfriend Fast has proven to have some of the best techniques to pull the lady that you’re concentrating on like a magnet within moments and teaches members how to attract women successfully. Evidently, this approach teaches men how to use their own personality, regardless of what it is like, to effectively become irresistible to women anywhere.

Does Carlos Xuma’s Get A Girlfriend Fast Really Work?

Carlos Xuma has been teaching men to meet and attract women for a few years now, and Get a Girlfriend Fast program is his / her introductory level audio program. It is really aimed towards guys who have minimal knowledge of dating advice, and want quick, practical tips they can use to have an overabundance success with women. Even though the title is Get any Girlfriend Fast, Xuma encourages his members to spend some time practicing the ability he teaches and not to rush right relationship. So this is also applicable for men who want to date multiple women, not only those looking for a significant other. The particular primary part of Get A Girlfriend Fast consist of video training modules wherever Carlos explains the course in bite-sized chunks. Members also get sound editions from the files to be able to pay attention to these in their car or maybe on the ipod device, and also a PDF version, the particular “Bible” which involves Partner Tactics cleaning soap prefer to read it again out.

Review Verdict: Get A Girlfriend Fast is a legitimate product that works

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What Can You Expect To Learn From Get A Girlfriend Fast System?

You’ll understand the some levels of learning to help you move forward faster with women and finally get yourself to do what exactly you know you ought to do… (PS: This can be utilized on any aspect of dating you are going to ever have!)

Members will also learn 2 psychological enemies that cause most people to be stuck with their bad habits – and tips on how to get past them to excel fast in their dating life. The fatal “Yogi Bear” belief that causes men to lack the ability to show their passion – and bores women away quite quickly.

Many men deliberately sabotage their own dating efforts because unknowingly because they don’t understand the principles that Carlos talks about. This program will show members how to steer clear of many fatal relationship mistakes. This program is available in PDF FILE format eBook and text in step by step format with easy Everyday terms language for making it much simpler for the interested person to pick up, read as well as follow-through to get a partner into your bed within next 30 days or perhaps less with little trouble.

Other Formats of Get A Girlfriend Fast System

The program features an audio edition that make it great to have it in your podcast so you listen to it whenever you would like. You will see how many guys find themselves trapped within “the friend zone” with females – and learn the fast ways to switch the ability dynamic to ensure that your girl pushes you to the master bedroom instead of the friend-zone. You will feel as if you possess a secret wand to acquire nearly any appealing lady and get women to fall for you effortlessly.

Review Verdict: Get A Girlfriend Fast is a legitimate product that works

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What Else Have We Learned From Carlos Xuma in Get A Girlfriend Fast?

his #1 Attraction-Starting Tip – If you do this ONE thing with
women, you’ll drive up attraction with EVERY woman you meet, and yet it’s the one thing that most guys NEVER do… with examples that he goes into detail…

– His #1 Attraction-Killing Trap – If you avoid this one behavior,
you’ll be able to up your dating success massively – and with
almost no effort…

– The top 8 Mistakes most men make with women – and how to avoid them…

– What it is that creates anxiety and nervousness when you meet
women, and how to push it out of your head…

– Understanding Shame – the limiting factor of all men’s life…
and how to get past their limiting beliefs once and for all…

– 3 steps to create self-confidence through action in your life –
and the missing aspect of self-confidence that you won’t learn
from your therapist – or anyone else…

And this is only the initial 20 minutes of the program.

In the rest of the program, Carlos teaches members his complete blueprint for handling women – from first meeting, to first phone call, to the first date, to the first time members’ get intimate with their partner…

And for those guys who want a steady girlfriend, Carlos teaches you his basics of making a (shhhh) relationship work.

Oh, and he’s even including his secrets of turning a friend into a
girlfriend, and how to win back the woman you may have lost.

If you’re serious about turning your dating life up to its full
potential, and probably 3x-ing or 4x-ing the number of women you have in your life right now, then you owe it to yourself to grab this program.

Get A Girlfriend Fast Introductory Offer

During his introductory offer, members can even get his “social
circle” skills program and his top Alpha Dating Tips for guys at an unbelievable discount. They’re included with his program at NO extra charge. We have found Carlos’ audio program to be a great, quick-start, get-your-ass-into-gear listen from start to finish as well.

This is a great way to get motivated and should leave you wanting to get out there and mixing with hot women fast!

This product is most suitable for beginners. Many of the topics in Get A Girlfriend Fast have also been covered in other products, hence making it a great program to learn everything Carlos has to offer.

Broad Overview of Get A Girlfriend Fast Steps:

Step 1 – Self-confidence Turbo Charger
Step 2 – Speed Preparation: Understanding Women And The Game
Step 3 – How to Meet and Approach Women
Step 4 – Closing: Getting A Date And Getting The Next One
Step 5 – Power Dating Dynamics: How to Handle Dating From Start to Finish
Step 6 – Seduction Success: From The Date To The Bedroom
Step 7 – Dating Game Plan

Review VerdiFct: Get A Girlfriend Fast is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Get A Girlfriend Fast


Not everybody wants to buy a high-end product. And as an introductory course for lesser than $20, Get A Girlfriend Fast is a solid product for its price. Will it make you a pickup artist overnight?

Most probably not.  But it will definitely help you get much better with women as it has done for thousands of men who have followed Carlos Xuma.