Video Titan 3.0 Review – Does Video Titan 3 Really Work?

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Video Titan 3 REVIEW

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Created by Chris X for Instant Video Commissions

Video Titan 3 is a new breakthrough commissions generating software using video

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System Video Titan 3
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Overall Score 9.2/10

FULL REVIEW OF Video Titan 3

Video Titan 3 is an updated complete software package that includes 5x software and a Done-For-You wordpress theme including more than 50 features. These items had cost Chris more than $10,000 to develop which he is now releasing to his members for a low fee.

What is Video Titan 3 All About?

Video Titan 3.0 helps a user research and create Youtube ad campaigns in just a few seconds. It is also capable of creating videos in 1 click using more than 50 templates for ecommerce, affiliates, local lead generation & more. It an automatically add images into any video that is meant to boost clicks. They also share 3 video marketing strategies that have helped members earn more than $2,000 per day in CPA commissions.

Review Verdict: Video Titan 3 is a legitimate product that works

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Review of all Video Titan 3 Features

Video Titan combines all the various features that are essential for any video marketer to make money online today. It is made by a marketer, Chris X, who has earned over $1 million with video himself since 2010.

Its 1 Click Video Creator Extreme allows users to choose their own video animations by using 30 free templates in one click. The Instant Video Pages tool sets up landing pages and promotes products that users want to sell or offer through affiliate program. The DFY WordPress theme can then be set up to monetize video for Youtube or Facebook etc.

Tube Titan is another piece of crucial piece of software in this package. It finds the hottest keywords on YouTube and starts ad campaigns on YouTube for members. It then directs visitors to their video and insertscall to action on all the videos.

Finally, the Video Explosion software increases engagement on the videos by adding text subtitles quickly (a fresh new SEO method that works)


Why Has Chris Created Video Titan 3?

He has profited effortlessly from using the power of video. At the present, Chris has decided to focus his entire business onto video and also teach his students how he does it almost effortlessly.


Review Verdict: Video Titan 3 is a legitimate product that works

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What Can You Achieve Using Video Titan 3?

Essential, this individual has spent the prior few months revamping his Video Titan software for a fresh update in 2016. Video Titan 3.0 is a complete system (5 software tools, pdf and video training course) for members to profit with videos & YouTube pay-per-click, Google SEO, Facebook Advertising & Online marketing. We have found that we were able to completely use this Video Titan 3.0 to build our own videos and the amount of commissions per video we are doing now has exceeded everything we have done in the past! With online traffic from video projected to increase into the coming years, getting into this space is essential for any marketer in our opinion.

All the Video Titan softwares work on PCs & Apple Macs, including Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android etc) & Tablets. Members get access to 6 software tools, video training and guides to activate them.

There is also a simple money-back guarantee provided. If any member does not like the product, they can contact Video Titan’s support team for an unconditional 30-day refund, for any reason whatsoever.

If you are interested in getting into the video marketing space and start monetising the huge traffic here, this is the software package for you. These days, there are many people who want to be master in making videos because they realise that making videos will generate them tons of money for them. But, building videos is not easy, which is where Video Titan 3.0 comes in.



Why Should You Get Video Titan 3?

Many people tried to do this but mostly end up failing because it is complicated. If they want to have their own best videos, they usually have to get the help of some powerful tools. Video Titan 3.0 has become best tool for making videos in nowadays because it works and is simple to use. In fact, we already thought that Video Titan 2 was powerful enough, even before these new and better features were added.

As you know, this Video Titan 3 is the latest version of a previous video marketing tool named Video Titan. More than 6,000 units have been sold and gotten compliments from people who have used it. Video Titan users say that this is the most powerful video making tool ever because of its great functions and time-saving abilities.


Review Verdict: Video Titan 3 is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Video Titan 3


The videos that we have created with Video Titan 3 are not only making money, but the commissions from each video we are making are actually increasing every day without us doing anything else to them. This is why we project that the value of Video Titan 3.0 may be even higher in the future, making this a no-brainer to grab now at its launch price.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend this package because it is going to make huge waves again across the internet marketing industry as it works, just as Chris X has always done.


AppCoiner Review – Is AppCoiner Legit?

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AppCoiner REVIEW

AppCoiner Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)


Created for Apps Testing Income

AppCoiner is a new breakthrough method for getting income from testing apps

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System AppCoiner
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Overall Score 9.3/10


If you have a mobile phone, tablet or PC, you must likely use a whole lot of applications. The market for smartphone apps is massive with people investing billions on them every year.

What is AppCoiner All About?

Increased competition makes it hard for people to know what to buy and even harder for developers to have their products noticed. AppCoiner tries to solve that problem by paying users to examine applications on their smartphone, tablet or PC and write a review about the app. Not only do members of AppCoiner get paid for writing reviews, but they can also download and install the applications for free while the public may have to pay for them. AppCoiner is a system which pays members for writing a review for the apps available in their database. They can choose games, health and fitness apps, cooking apps, sports apps, photography apps, music apps and more.

Review Verdict: AppCoiner is a legitimate platform that works

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How Does AppCoiner Work To Make Money For Its Members?

It is actually an approach to find the best apps from the millions of apps in the marketplace. This all sounds fairly straightforward, even though AppCoiner suggests that you’re going to be earning money “testing” apps, rather than making money reviewing and promoting them.

Members will earn a commission whenever an in-app purchase is made. To join App Coiner, members will have to pay the $27 charge, and afterwards they have access to the members area. In the members area, they can choose an application to test from the site’s app data source.

Apps are offered on both the IOS and also Android platforms. It will offer members a special web link that is connected with that particular app when they download an app to test.

How To Earn Money As An AppCoiner Member?

Once you have downloaded and tested the app for free, you will have write your review of the app on your AppCoiner members’ area. the  The more apps a member can test and the more reviews they write, the more money they make. Members will get their weekly payments via check, direct deposit or Payoneer. Every app that App Coiner provides for members to review includes up to $400 in potential in-app purchases, which members then have an additional chance to earn more commissions when these in-app purchases are made later after they are released.

Review Verdict: AppCoiner is a legitimate platform that works

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Will AppCoiner Work For You?

You can make money testing out the hottest new apps, with 100s to choose from and more added weekly. App Coiner also provides some suggestions and some free ebooks and videos regarding how members can promote and get more people to read their reviews so they will download the apps from your site. There is no grammar analysis here, as long as you have some good basic english writing skills, you will do just fine as an AppCoiner app reviewer. Getting paid with AppCoiner is a simple matter of activating your membership, start testing and reviewing the latest hot apps and get paid for them.

Furthermore, it charts a sequence of hacks that helps to lower the fat-depositing hormone cortisol. It balances the body’s essential hormones hence enhancing libido and improving overall physical energy and stamina by naming specific herbs and spices that should need to be taken in tea before sleep and the effects are appreciable the next morning.

App Coiner is all fairly straightforward and easy to use. Members only need a cell phone, pc or tablet, some previous expertise in QA, and some extra time to complete the screening process.

In this program, members are going to be making cash “testing” applications, and not from evaluating and advertising them. There is no limit in the amount of apps each member can review. Members can get an Instant access by logging into the members area and start reviewing apps immediately at any time on the internet.

Are There Any Drawbacks To AppCoiner?

Some of the drawbacks we have found are that it will not work for those who don’t have regular access to an internet connection. Also, some who are unable to spend the time reviewing the apps have also dropped out and not made any money from it.

Review Verdict: AppCoiner is a legitimate platform that works

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Conclusion about AppCoiner


There is no risk in trying AppCoiner out as all members are offered a 60 days refund of their initial investment.

This is a new approach that works for everyone with a tablet or smartphone enabling them to earn some income doing something that most already do today anyway.