MyFreeShares Review – Does MyFreeShares Really Work?

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MyFreeShares REVIEW

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Created by MultiMoneyGroup for Paid To Click Success

MyFreeShares is a new breakthrough portal for earning with paid-to-click programs

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System MyFreeShares
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Overall Score 9.1/10


MyFreeShares is owned and run by This is the same group that rusn, DonkeyMails, and other MultiMoneyGroup sites. At MyFreeShares, members earn what they call “shares”, and each link clicked earns 0.01 share per link you click for the member who clicked it.

Other Ways Of Making Money With MyFreeShares

Another way of earning shares is to refer others, when you will get 1 full share for every person whom you referred and also confirms his or her email. Members do need to reach $10 to cash out, which we were able to do and pleased with, and it was achievable very quickly.

When you cash out, MyFreeShares will deduct 3 shares from you per $1. Which means you will be deducted a total of 30 shares when if you washout. The more shares you have in your account the more you can make. You also earn commission off of the site revenue from purchased advertising

Review Verdict: MyFreeShares is a legitimate product that works

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Does MyFreeShares Really Work?

We are adding to our legit list. The main reason is that they are paying us and payment proofs can be found throughout the internet.

Also, the tasks required to be completed are not too ridiculously time-consuming that it is well worth the time to complete the tasks. Unlimited Direct Referrals – There are no limits on how many referrals you can achieve. This is great for promoters and people who can refer a lot of people.

All Countries Accepted – So far there are no restrictions and everyone from all countries can join and earn from this site. We will update here if this changes. The site is also Well Established – and owned by the same network that owns donkeymails that has been online and paying for many years.

Are There Any Cons About MyFreeShares?

MyFreeShares has been online since 2004. This is over 10 years of track record in the business now. If there’s anything we don’t like, we would probably have preferred if there’s a forum available. Having a forum would greatly enhance the experience of using the site in our opinion, and we have already highlighted this to the founders of MyFreeShares.

Review Verdict: MyFreeShares is a legitimate product that works

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How To Make Money From MyFreeShares?

This site can be more profitable if you can refer a lot of people. But if you are just a clicker, it could take some time to reach your payout. To each their own though, as some programs might not be worth your time according to your own standards.


Review Verdict: MyFreeShares is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about MyFreeShares


For those who are seeking to make money from clicking, this is one legitimate site that can be considered, with more than reasonable minimum payout amounts.

So far our experience with MyFreeShares has been great, but we will continue to monitor the site and report back if there’s any changes.


YT Gorilla Review – Does YT Gorilla Really Work?

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YT Gorilla Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)


Created by Andrew Fox for Youtube Marketing Success

YT Gorilla is a new breakthrough Youtube 100% Done-For-You Software Tool

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System YT Gorilla
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Overall Score 9.3/10


YT Gorilla is an all in one marketing solution for making money on YouTube. Basically, the power of this product is to robotize the long procedure of making your recordings and YouTube channel, and turn your channel mainstream to get higher video rankings.

How Can YT Gorilla Help You?

YT Gorilla takes away a considerable amount of the diligent work required in advancing your video recordings by making sure your video is right for your target audience, and that they make a lot of money! It is certainly looking like one of the best Youtube videos promotion software right now for making money on the internet.

To start using this product, the YT Gorilla software finds audiences who have shown an interest in the types of videos on your channels, and then make comparable video recordings that it knows with a high degree of certainty that your audience will like. Using the key phrases we picked, it was able to assemble many members to our channel very quickly to start monetising the traffic with offers. As our membership base grows, we have also found our commissions generated through the traffic from YT Gorilla to be increasing gradually as well. YT Gorilla also makes sure that it adheres strictly to the Youtube policies so that your account can remain safe.

Review Verdict: YT Gorilla is a legitimate product that works

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How Long Does It Take To See Results From YT Gorilla?

Though this software works, one needs to wait for some time before seeing results as it takes a few days for members to subscribe, and also a few days before they start buying anything that you promote on your videos

Of course, the more members you have on your channel, the greater the chances of being buying or taking action on your CPA offers. This software has definitely made video creation and promotions much more automated, and we certainly can recommend this product to those looking to increase their income from Youtube traffic. YT Gorilla has delivered on all the promises made on its sales page from our testing results.

Some other functions of this software are auto-posting comments on your videos, channels, and auto-subscribing to other related channels. Using this software definitely speeds up doing all those tasks that are normally associated with having to improve the power of your Youtube channel. Andrew has spent the past 2 years really figuring out how to rank Youtube videos fast, and this software tool is truly the best way to maintain a Youtube channel right now.

What Are Some Of The Functions of YT Gorilla?

Some of the key functions we have found include: being able to check on the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. This essentially means you are letting your competitors do the hard work for you, while you just copy their best results. With these sets of keywords, you will then know which videos to create with YT Gorilla. The entire software is completely cloud-based too with no download requirements, which we personally liked since it makes the software easier to use while travelling.

With the software, you can quickly export your competitors’ keywords and tags that are most effective. To ensure you are there to capitalise on the best opportunities, Andrew has also included an auto-notification system into the software where you can get notified by browser and email. With this software, we have found it remarkably easy to rank local business videos and earn between $100-$1,000 for each video.

Review Verdict: YT Gorilla is a legitimate product that works

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Can You Really Trust Andrew Fox of YT Gorilla?

As we have been following Andrew for a long time, we do know that he is quite the master of Youtube marketing. One of his best channels has already racked up more than 5.3million views as you can see in the proof below:


YT Gorilla also makes sure to notify you when new hot videos have been published on keywords that you are targeting, so you are never missing out. There are various pricing plans available to choose from, ranging from monthly, yearly to one-time payment plans. If you are doing Youtube marketing and need a tool to help you finally outrank your competitors, this is one that you will definitely be interested in. There is just so much opportunity in the Youtube space right now, and all the videos that we have made with the help of YT Gorilla have been increasing in views from the first day that we created them.


Review Verdict: YT Gorilla is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about YT Gorilla


Ranking videos on Youtube and monetising them has never been easier, especially with YT Gorilla’s functions now. Not only that, it provides all the keywords and tags that are proven to get results if ranked for, hence there is also no guesswork needed.

Do get your copy of YT Gorilla now, and start profiting massively from the power of Youtube!