MTTB System Reviews – Is MTTB System SCAM?

System: MTTB
Type of Business: Internet Marketing System
Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Intermediate
Income Potential: Not Specified
Recommended: No

MTTB System Review

“MTTB System”, also known as My Top Tier Business, is an internet marketing site that many find to be questionable.

Lloyd’s previous system called MOBE got a ton of bad reviews as well, so his reputation already has a bad mark.

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MTTB System proves to be just as awful. MOBE has received the worst ratings possible online by many who have tried and failed at it.

Most people thought of it as legit despite the potential it may have had.

It’s a 21 step program designed to help you promote Matt Loyd’s main product, MOBE, which stands for My Online Business Empire.

The MTTB System program is designed for beginners and takes them through the process of becoming successful as a MOBE affiliate.

However, the up-sells are a big problem. Believe me, those upsells are extremely expensive.

If you purchase everything, it would end up costing you $20,000 or more including monthly charges too, and that is unacceptable.

In MTTB System’s case, as you go through the 21 step course, eventually you will hit a point where you will be “asked” to buy an up-sell of $1,997.

Their boiler room salespeople are very good at pitching the upsells. They wear down many, so they are making a lot of money.

The MTTB System upsell, however, is optional. You can make smaller commissions just referring people into the regular MOBE/ MTTB System program.

The allure that you can make so much more money by buying the high priced products is the main reason people go for it and lose big.

I am strongly opposed to the approach MTTB System is taking to get people to buy their products.

I find it untruthful and wrong because you aren’t told about these up-sells until you join for the low cost.

In my opinion MTTB System, and the fact that it’s connected to MOBE, is already a major red flag to watch out for, but the expensive upsells add to the horror.

To date, I have never seen a program charge so much. I don’t think the MTTB System training is worth the price either because you can find much better training for far less in legitimate places like this.

There are also issues with refunds. Technically on the MTTB System sales page, Matt says if you don’t make a sale within the first 30 days of trying the 21 step program, he’ll give you $500.

His main reason for this policy was because he didn’t want people “abusing” the $500 claim, which technically makes sense to me.

Trying to prove that I followed the 21 steps became rather difficult.

The answer is I couldn’t and I ended up having refund issues here.

I believe MOBE is a massively bad ‘you know what’ scheme and MTTB System is connected to it.

You aren’t told about the high priced up-sells until you enter the members’ area.

Membership is not free and you need to pay $49. In order to make the high commissions, you need to pay for the initial fee first.

Most if not all of the training within MTTB System & MOBE revolves around showing you how to make money with these programs by promoting them.

Once you learn how to do it, you are going to get others into the same system that will then have to repeat the same things you did.

At some point in time, someone somewhere is probably going to invest a lot of money into this program and come up empty handed.

Whenever I promote a program or product to people, I consider customer satisfaction.

I just don’t feel that is the case with MTTB System or MOBE. I do not recommend MTTB System.

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