Milton’s Secret Movie Review – Is Milton’s Secret Movie Screening Legit?

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Milton’s Secret Movie REVIEW


Milton’s Secret Movie Screening is a new breakthrough conscious parenting movie

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FULL REVIEW OF Milton’s Secret Movie Screening

Are you interested in finding out more about Milton’s Secret Movie Screening and is this really a useful conscious parenting movie worth watching and learning from? Created by spirituality author Eckhart Tolle, this movie seeks to demonstrate the value of living in the moment through a light family drama. In it, Donald Sutherland plays a grandfather who helps out a stressed-out boy to appreciate the life that he is living.

Barnet Bain, producer of such earlier enlightenment-seeking features as The Celestine Prophecy and What Dreams May Come, makes his second outing as director, with an earnest and inoffensive outing whose commercial value owes mostly to the presence of Donald Sutherland as the boy’s wise old granddad.

William Ainscough plays the title character, a curly-headed kid whose parents (Mia Kirchnerand David Sutcliffe) have been visibly worried lately about money.  Add this to the bullying he’s getting at school, and Milton is not a terribly happy kid at the moment.

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Is The Milton’s Secret Movie Screening Any Good?

Many film critics become savage when they come across what they consider to be New Thought bromides such as “live in the present moment” or “follow your bliss.” So it is not a surprise that this movie does get some bad reviews.

The family drama centers on the spiritual emergency of a 12-year-old boy who is bullied at school and brought low by his parents’ anxiety about the future. With the help and wise council of his colorful grandfather he is able to weather the storms around and within himself. While many viewers will find his transformation credible, others may wince at what they see as “the hocus pocus” aspects of the story and the “mumbo-jumbo” of the grandfather’s wisdom observations. All we can say to those who view the film in this way is: “Try to be skeptical of your skepticism!” (one of the bits of wisdom from the grandfather).

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Review Verdict: Milton’s Secret Movie Screening is a legitimate movie package

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