LeadModo Review – Is LeadModo Legit?

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LeadModo is a new breakthrough Messenger list building system

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LeadModo utilizes the newest and trendiest tech in social media marketing – quizzes. It allows the user to improve the engagement rate, reduce the bounce rate, and turn more of their visitors into potential customers.

What Can You Do With The LeadModo Software?

LeadModo is a software tool that allows the user integrates with both their website and their Facebook account to generate quizzes, polls, and surveys. It has the ability to reach out to more than a billion users on Facebook, attracting them to your website and offers.

This software can also work with Facebook Messenger to reach out to more potential leads. They help your content reach directly into prospects and clients’ inbox, forcing them to take a look at your offers. With LeadModo, anyone can now build unlimited Messenger leads using the power of engagement.

Review Verdict: LeadModo is a legitimate product that works

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Who Created LeadModo And Can You Really Trust Them/?

For the creation and development of LeadModo, Neil Napier had to work in closely with Aidan Corkery and Yves Kuoyo. They are all well-known experts in social media marketing.

They put the newest trends in marketing into one single package – LeadModo with the hope to free today’s marketers from having to overspend on social media ads. They spent more than one year for the R&D of this product, making it the best version of itself.

Neil Napier is also the creator of many other products such as Social Viral Wizard, Offer Funnel, and Video Lead Boxes. Most of his products are know for the versatility, comprehensiveness, usefulness and ease of use.

What Are Some Of The Features That Come With LeadModo?

Quiz builder

LeadModo enables one to make their own quizzes from a wide variety of templates. These templates all look really stunning and proven-to-convert.

Start page and landing page customization

Even if you do not have a website right now, you can create a brand-new landing page from scratch. And with the custom start page, users can warm up their visitors before they actually get to the offers.

URL Redirect

Once the visitor completes his quiz/poll/survey, he will be redirected to your products. Users can even pick the quizzes that are relevant to their products.

Image answer

This feature is what made us write this LeadModo Review. It makes answering the quizzes, polls, and surveys truly interactive and addictive. Answering by choosing image is a great way to keep your visitors stay on your website for a longer time.

Pixel tracking

LeadModo integrates with multiple types of pixel code trackers such as Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords Pixel, and Bing Ad Pixel. It thus allows for the most exposure on any search engine and social media.

Embed and Share

With LeadModo, users can easily embed their content on any website and fan page on Facebook. Alternatively, you can put in into Messenger to massively send them to your customers.

Also, LeadModo allows users to make their content pop up on their website. Visitors will then be more amazed and feel very curious to take the quiz, poll, or survey.

A/B Spit testing

We are thrilled to know that this feature appears in this software. The A/B split testing is a perfect method to help users know whether their campaigns are performing as expected.

Review Verdict: LeadModo is a legitimate system that works

Visit LeadModo Website

Review Verdict: LeadModo is a legitimate product that works

Go To LeadModo Website

Conclusion about LeadModo


If you want something easy, cost-effective, and highly efficient for your campaigns, LeadModo is what we can highly recommend. This simple tool will not take you more than one week to start having more traffic and hot leads. So if you are striving for more sales and conversion to your offers or your business, definitely check out LeadModo at the button link below!

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