The Infinity Code Review – Is The Infinity Code Legit?

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What Is Infinity Code?






So, let’s go ahead and get started with what the Infinity Code program is and how it works.

Ryan and Daniel, the two guys that are released this training program really focus on which is different from other systems that you may have seen is honing down on the product. The truth is that the type of product that you sell on Amazon is going to be the main determining factor on how well you’re gonna go on Amazon. Now, of course marketing in traffic generation is important but really what sets their course a part is that they fine tune and the literally pick a product that is nearly guaranteed success because they follow a very specific and strict criteria for determining winners without having to spend anything on inventory or having to spend much on inventory without having to risk a whole lot on are marketing and traffic generation and without wasting a lot of time.

Finding Winning Products Fast

Traditionally you’d have to do your research and buy inventory and it could take weeks and months before you know you have a winner on hand. Every Amazon seller knows that there are going to be failures that they’re gonna go through before they find a winner. However with their system you can minimize the time, so you can know in literally a week or two whether you have a winner on hand and without having to invest heavily in inventory and let Amazon tell you with data what’s gonna work and what’s not gonna work so here there’s no guess work involved. You’re going to know which winners and which products to invest your money & time in before you even go any further with it.

Review of Infinity Code’s Proven 5 Step Selection Process

They basically have a five step process for choosing these winning products and testing them. It starts with the niche market selection. They give you a very specific criteria to choose your market and niche. And then there is data mining. They show you what kind of data to look for inside that niche to determine even further whether it is viable niche for you to play in long-term. Because some niches may be good just for the short term, and some for the long term, while some niche markets have lots of opportunities for different products, and others you may only have a very limited space to work in. They show you how to evaluate all of these factors and make sure that you get the right data.

The price for this eBook has been slashed to its current $67 per unit from previous $97 (at time of writing) in order to allow as many of their followers to get it if they can, and it is sold on the reliable retail seller site of

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Review of Infinity Code’s Product Validation Methods

The next step to this is product validation. This is very important and is perhaps most critical piece of the whole puzzle. Here, they’re gonna show you using Amazon sponsored ads and a couple of other really cool techniques to know literally in a few days with under $100 to know exactly how well this product may work for you, in terms of generating you real income and real profit and even getting an idea of how much traffic and profit you can generate by letting Amazon tell you with their data. So here you can validate the product with very low risk in a short time and with very little money to see if this product is actually gonna be a winner or not.

So once you validated using their specific strategies and method, then you can proceed to see how, when and where you should source this product. Now, note that the sourcing step comes after the product validation step. Typically other systems focus on picking your suppliers first and then validating your product. This results in lost of plenty time and a lot of lost money on inventory if the product idea is a failure. However with their system, they kind of flip it around so you validate the product first making sure that it can be a winner for you and then you go ahead and find sources and the suppliers to know where you can get the best deals where you can get the best quality for this product and you basically have the best margins on it.

The official website can be found here at the Infinity Code Official Website.


The owners of The Infinity Code give you exactly step by step how to project what your product will be doing in terms of daily sales or weekly sales, and even the traffic you’ll be getting every day and they give you a spreadsheet to calculate these projections. No one else can give you this specific way of projecting your products, so you will know if it is worth it to invest in the product or not and to invest more time and energy into it.

Now that’s really just the first phase of the system, they have an entire a methodology for marketing the product, for accelerating sales within thirty days for products that are moving slowly, for review generation, maintaining a high product ranking inside the Amazon search result and keeping them there, customer satisfaction and follow-up, building your funnel in the back-end so that you can continue making sales from the same customers who bought from your already.

All of this is covered within the Infinity Code, but really it starts with choosing winning products without committing too much time and money in the process and that’s really where Infinity Code really shines.

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