Copy My Cashflow Review – Does Copy My Cashflow Really Work?

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Copy My Cashflow REVIEW


Created by online business owners Steven Johnson & Josh Carter that profits from online social media

Copy My Cashflow is a new breakthrough online social media business plan to earn a passive income online

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FULL REVIEW OF Copy My Cashflow

This system is designed to set up members’ commission shop will be ready, attracting buyers from all around the world. And each site is built to suck commissions and sales for all members automatically.

What Was the Copy My Cashflow Software Built to Do?

This is the software that allows members to create multiple stream of commissions on autopilot. They don’t need any technical skills or knowledge as everything is fully automated so with a click of a button so they can get started.
This software ensures that there is no more need to build multiple sites and guessing which ones will make money or not. With Copy My Cashflow, it taps into online data to find which products and keyword are already in demand and only builds sites when it has a chance of getting traffic and earning money. The only thing we didn’t quite like was that there was quite little information that explains how it works on its main page video, which made us a little bit suspicious at first. But most online product owners do this anyway because it is proven that these types of sales pages appeal to emotions, and emotions work best to get people to sign up.

Review Verdict: Copy My Cashflow is a legitimate product that works

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Are The Claims of $42,000+ Profits In 30 Days Legit?

Well, we have only been using this system for about 2 weeks, and we have not earned half that amount like $20,000, so we do not think newbies will see $40,000+ profits in 30 days.

However, we have at least been seeing commissions in the accounts we have that are tied to Copy My Cashflow, some double digit day profits, some triple digit profit days, so we can say that this system does indeed work.

The software does indeed do a lot of the work usually associated with setting up an online business for members, such as copywriting, website formatting and inserting of links etc. Given the low launch price of the software right now, we have to say this is truly a steal at this price now, especially when compared to other make-money online programs.

Copy My Cashflow websites tap into different types of marketing, including CPS (cost-per-sales), and CPA (cost-per-actions). If you are like a 100% complete newbie, you may not understand what these terms mean. Basically, cost per sales is the typical sale where someone buys something. CPA on the other hand refers to collecting a commission when someone signs up for an offer to another company offering this compensation scheme, usually to get the lead so they can sell other stuff later. In Copy My Cashflow, your sites will be profiting from both these 2 types of business models.

Review Verdict: Copy My Cashflow is a legitimate product that works

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The Owners of Copy My Cashflow


Conclusion about Copy My Cashflow


Since we have not tested this for more than a month, and the software has only just been released, we cannot say for sure that it will work long-term, whether they will continue accepting new members or not into the future, and how long into the future it can make money. It is quite possible that some of the profits might become saturated IF an extremely large number of people join the system as the software is pre-programmed to pick from a selected pool of niches.

But at the moment, it is still generating stable 3 figure incomes on our accounts so on that basis, we can recommend it as it has fulfilled its promise of making money for us, even if it is not $42,000 profit in 30 days or even half of that.


Copy My Cashflow Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)

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