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Big Content Search is a new breakthrough content searching and spinning platform

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FULL REVIEW OF Big Content Search

Do you want to learn more about the Big Content Search platform and whether or not this platform for generating content from PLR is really worth paying for? Big Content Search is the 1st search engine for private label rights content. It contains a database with over 225.000 plr articles and 1.000 ebooks. New members currently can sign up for $1 trial or save at discounted packages.

In all honesty here in customer review => we really appreciate this platform, there actually are definitely a bunch of recent features and also that it is truly in reality not luxurious (at a cost of $37 a month).

How Much Does It Cost To Use Big Content Search?

Price: 3-day trial for $1. After that there are 3 levels of membership: Basic for $27 a month, Plus for $47 a month, and Premium for $67 a month.

Money Back Guarantee: 3 months

As a member of Big Content Search, you will get to: 

– The ability to search 100k PLR articles and download up to 50 a day (with basic membership). Members can also request and vote for new articles and use an article spinner to make their articles original.

Big Content Search is a service that helps users find PLR (private label rights) articles on any subject. They can then download these articles, edit them, and use them for web content or blogs, e-books, and so on. It is a service that helps users find PLR articles on any subject. The term PLR is short for Private Label Rights. It means that the content concerned is available for them to do basically whatever they like with (subject to any restrictions imposed by the seller). 

Review Verdict: Big Content Search is a legitimate platform that works

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What Can You Do With The Content You Generate From Big Content Search?

You can decide to publish it, edit it, add to it, split it up, convert it to other media, and so on. Big Content Search gives members access to its database of around 100k PLR articles on a huge range of subjects. Members get to download these articles and use them for almost any purpose.

As well as the articles themselves, Big Content Search also provides advice and suggestions on using them for profit, along with an article ‘spinner’ you can use to make any articles you download unique. Additional services are offered to Premium members which includes the ability to import articles from BCS into autobloggers.

No special experience is required, but to obtain the most from PLR content, you should have at least a basic knowledge of blogging, website building, and so on. The monthly membership fee is the only expense. Beyond that, the costs will depend on what you decide to do with the content you acquire. It’s impossible to say, as it depends what you would like to do with the PLR content and how profitable this turns out. Big Content Search is basically a platform to obtain content you can use in your own projects. It is not a complete business opportunity in itself.

Getting started will only take you a couple of minutes. Beyond that, it depends on what you wish to do with the content you download.

Just a computer with an internet connection is all you need to start using Big Content Search. Is it value for money? Yes, as long as you use the content and do not just let it pile up on your hard drive.

Review Verdict: Big Content Search is a legitimate platform that works

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Does Big Content Search Really Work?

The sales page is mercifully free of hype and for the most part sticks to describing what you can expect as a member. Bear in mind, however, that several of the features listed are only available if you opt for the more expensive Plus or Premium options. We feel that this point should really be made a bit clearer.

How To Use Big Content Search?

Once you are logged in to the members’ page you can look for articles including any particular keywords or phrases. A list of such titles will then be shown. You can see any of these that sound promising, and if you wish add them to a ‘trolley’ for downloading in a bundle (up to a max. of 50 a day with Basic membership, 150 with Plus, and 300 with Premium).

As a test, we tried entering ‘weight loss’ in the search box. BCS listed an impressive 2,556 articles including this term, beginning with ‘Miracle Weight Loss Supplements – Your Partner in Weight Loss’. You can sort articles by relevance (those with the term in the title score highly here), date published, or by alphabet.

The articles themselves are not going to set anyone’s pulse racing. We did not find any spelling mistakes in the ones we looked at – presumably a spellchecker has been used – but the grammar and punctuation were at times a bit questionable, and so was the sentence structure. You would definitely want to check and edit these articles to ensure they make sense before using them, although it is of course good practice to do this with all PLR content.

Review Verdict: Big Content Search is a legitimate platform that works

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Conclusion about Big Content Search


Overall, we think Big Content Search offers a good-value solution for people who use PLR regularly. If you are only looking want to dip your toe in the water, you may be better off going to a PLR store such as Easy PLR (, where you can pick up article packs on various topics for a few dollars. But if you want to be able to regularly access bigger amounts of PLR content on a wide range of topics, then we definitely recommend you to learn more about Big Content Search at the button link below!


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