SalesHandy Email Tracking Review – How Accurate Is SalesHandy Email Tracking?

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SalesHandy Email Tracking is a new breakthrough cold emails supercharging and tracking tool

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FULL REVIEW OF SalesHandy Email Tracking

Are you thinking about using the SalesHandy Email Tracking tool and is this truly the best email tracking software currently available that accurate and effectively tracks emails for its users? By using the SalesHandy software, users are finding it more effortlessly to book more demos, meetings and trials without having to do anything more than what they were doing before. It is so far proving to be the go-to software for sales development teams who are serious about making faster, more significant and more humanistic sales engagements with their clients.

Some of the most impressive features that we have found SalesHandy Email Tracking is, besides email tracking of course, its file-sharing, centralised document management, live meetings and leads’ activity tracking capability. With such a vast array of communications and data-analytics features, it is no wonder that SalesHandy is helping sales teams effortlessly improve their productivity and performance. Finally, SalesHandy also has one of the fastest customers support we have ever seen, managing to answer all of our queries in under 2 minutes maximum while providing the most useful and in-depth answers that truly demonstrate their understanding and professionalism in helping users.

What are the recipient activity that can be tracked using SalesHandy ? :  Saleshandy

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What Are The Main Features Ad Benefits Of The SalesHandy Email Tracking Software?

  • Ability to send mass emails at once, which is a highly useful feature for online marketers. It even has a 60-90 seconds interval feature, also known as email drip campaign execution, to improve sending performance when sending large amounts of emails
  • Lets users send emails to their own large databases through their own email accounts such as Gmail without requiring them to check on the sending status frequently
  • Provides great value-for-money for the services it provides compared to other email tracking and sending tools
  • Has clear instructional tutorials that make it easy for new users
  • Lets sales teams of all sizes easily manage large databases of potential and successful leads of any size
  • Lets users send clients a URL link and then take them through a deck in real-time
  • Lets users flip between between their screens and presentations seamless to deliver more powerful and convincing pitches
  • Powerful email tracking features that lets users know whenever someone has opened the email
  • Has better user interface and more features than its competitors
  • SalesHandy team has a great track record of dealing with bugs and keeping their software updated very quickly
  • and much more!

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Conclusion Of SalesHandy Email Tracking

In summary, SalesHandy is a 100% legitimate and powerful email tracking software that provides amazing email delivery insights unseen with other email marketing tools. Therefore, if you too would like to start using one of the best cold email outreach and tracking tools, then we highly recommend you to learn more about the SalesHandy Email Tracking software at the button link below!



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