Is 60 Minute Reseller Legit?

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Created by John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson for Instant Sales Funnel Creation

60 Minute Reseller is a new online instant sales funnel builder

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=The first aspect of 60 Minute Reseller, which is the fact that it has “60 minutes” in its name, refers to the fact that John and Dave’s system is capable of  building out a complete sales funnel within just 60 minutes. Basically, this system builds out everything, from taking a great reseller product, editing the content, changing the graphics, structuring your entire site, creating a sales funnel, creating a complete affiliates page with copy and paste fields for affiliates, creating affiliate contests, creating a targeted exit page and initiate it from your sales page, adding also adding multiple list building elements…

Considering how many steps there are in this process, it is quite a feat that anyone can do this under 60 minutes. This is exactly what 60 Minute Reseller is capable of doing for their owners.

Review Verdict: 60 Minute Reseller is NOT a Scam

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Copying Dave and Nichol’s 60 Minute Reseller System

In fact, in the video training, you can see how both Dave and John time themselves and complete everything under 60 minutes. Using their software then becomes as easy as watching what they do and then copying exactly what they are doing on your own computer, while choosing a different product of course. They also physically show how they made more than $1,000USD in a short time after setting up this funnel.


Can 60 Minute Reseller Work For Anyone Who Uses It?

Essentially, if you follow every step in the system, you should be able to have your own product, together with your own sales funnel, up and running within an hour and generating subscribers and making sales for life.

For those who are serious about internet marketing and making money online, having your own sales funnel is perhaps the most crucial part. This system does exactly and makes it very easy to setup. Together with a 100% money-back guarantee, it truly is a no-brainer for serious internet marketers. The average beginner who just gets started online would typically take a few months before they even complete their first funnel!

With this system, users will not need to have their own product. Instead, they can simply pick a reseller product and also make use of reseller materials if they do not wish to spend time creating their own.

What Is Taught Inside 60 Minute Reseller?

4 All the training is provided, from picking a reseller product all the way to getting the funnel online with all affiliate contests in place. Costing only about $20 (at the time of writing), this software is an absolute steal in our opinion given what it can do and the amount of time it can save. It saves you from having to do tons of boring tasks and saves time that you can better spend on other aspects of your business. Developing our business has become far faster now with 60 Minute Reseller, and we are sure it can do the same for anyone who uses it.

Review Verdict: 60 Minute Reseller is NOT a Scam

Visit 60 Minute Reseller Website

With more than 10 years of experience in the reselling and publishing area, we were very impressed with the things we learned about reselling from this highly in-depth course.

Review of the 60 Minute Reseller OTO Packages

OTO 1 – 50 PLR Package.
This is a collection of 50 ready to go PLR products that can be used along with the 60 minute reseller training. These products are created by Dave so we know they are the best possible PLR quality. Sales material and source files are included.

OTO 1-1 – 30 PLR Package.
As above but only containing 30 products.

OTO 2 – Massive Graphics Package
This package can be used to add value and originality to PLR sales pages and compliments the front end product perfectly. 

OTO 3 – The Ultimate Traffic Package
We all need extra traffic and our Ultimate Traffic Package will ensure traffic isn’t a problem.

Back End – John & Dave’s Training
This is a discounted offer to join both John & Dave’s monthly training programs at a huge discount.

Finally, there is also a backend webinar where Dave and John imparts all the skills that they have picked up in the reseller industry and shares them in this information-packed webinar. After the presentation, they offer up 10 readymade membership sites that members are use to implement what they have learned right away. All the components of this system complement each other very well and we are proud to recommend this product.

Review Verdict: 60 Minute Reseller is NOT a Scam

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Is 60 Minute Reseller Right For You?

If you would like to have your own hot sales funnel in less than 60 minutes, 60 Minute Reseller would be the perfect solution for you right now. Coupled with a tested-and-proven affiliate page, your product should be getting out there and making sales for you in no time. Other components you are getting include a proven lead-generating exit-page, a cash contest to generate frenzy buying, and custom branding and graphics that you can use right away.

Besides all the above, your product will also get a full listing in the #1 affiliate marketing marketplace on the internet. It is completely newbie-friendly as well, so you do not have to worry if you have not had any experience putting products up onto affiliate marketplaces. All the step-by-step training is provided to teach all member how to do this.

Conclusion about 60 Minute Reseller


Having a complete sales funnel in under 60 minutes used to be a dream, but with 60 Minute Reseller, it has become a reality for those who have access to it. If you have some reseller products on your hard disk right now, you can get started even more quickly as there is no need to find a new reseller product.

Hence, we will highly recommend 60 Minute Reseller as we are so confident in the quality of the software and training materials that should be able to get any internet marketer, regardless of experience level, to succeed with their own online business fast.


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