Clickfunnels Review – Does Clickfunnels Really Work?

Clickfunnels REVIEW



Created by Russell Brunson for Funnel Hacking Success

Clickfunnels is a new breakthrough, done-for-you instant funnel creation tool

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System Clickfunnels
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Overall Score 9.1/10

FULL REVIEW OF Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is launched by a well-known internet marketer Russell Brunson, who has also founded many other sites. You may be facing some problems in creating and designing a sales funnel for your business.

What is Clickfunnels All About?

ClickFunnels promises to help users solve these funnel problems, by making the entire process as done-for-you as possible. Clickfunnels is a multipurpose software that can create state of the art sales funnel that consists of squeeze or capture pages, sales page, video page, webinars registration system, product launch sequences etc.

To put it differently, Clickfunnels is similar to lead pages as it contains long list of templates that you can use for many different sales funnel. Not only can users design their sales page but also create their entire backend sales funnel inside the system. If you are a newcomer in this business, it can be very difficult to build a sales funnel as it involves design website, sales page and hire programmer to put up your sales funnel. But now you can use Russell Brunson’s Click Funnels DFY system to create state of the art sales funnel for your site to increase more leads and sales.

Review Verdict: Clickfunnels is a legitimate product that works

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What Exactly is Clickfunnels All About?

Before going into further detail, you may be wondering (especially newcomers) what is funnel and how it works?

A funnel consists of a series of pages that your prospects go through to attain a certain goal. Let’s take a look at a simple Lead Capture Funnel; It might consist of 2 pages; first page (Squeeze Page, Lead Capture Page) which records a visitor’s email address and then directs them to a Thank you page (second) when signing up.

If you are not using Clickfunnels system, you could be spending much more money on services that are providing the same services at lower quality. If you are in any way in the field on internet marketing,  it can save you $100s of dollars per month. Some of these monthly costs can be in the form of: Website Hosting, Landing Page Software, Email Autoresponder Software, Affiliate Tracking Software, Split Testing Software, Programmers, Designers etc.

How Does Clickfunnels Differ From Other Page Builders?

If we look at other competitor’s products, they mostly allow you to create a single standing page, while Click Funnels allows you the option to create 7 funnels including;

Opt in Lead Capture Funnel – This funnel usually comprises one page where people register using their email address to get email updates. That is why it is called lead capture funnel. At the back end of the page, there is an autoresponder that gathers leads email addresses for you to follow-up.

Clickfunnels also allows the creation of sales funnels, which are perfect for products as it can either collects emails and then sell products right away.

Review Verdict: Clickfunnels is a legitimate product that works

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Other Types of Funnels You Can Create With Clickfunnels

Webinar Funnel – People signup using a lead page to get informed about the upcoming webinar. Webinar funnels can comprise following elements: a landing page for a webinar registration that leads to a thank you page, including a live webinar page, that leads to a sales page.

Auto-Webinar Funnel – This is similar to previous one but this utilises webinars replay rather than live webinars. It makes it easy to keep collecting opt-ins using webinar replays rather than having to present every single time.

Membership Funnel – If you want to create recurring income of any niche ,then you can use this and create a full membership site.

Launch Funnel – If you are product developer or looking to develop one in future, then you can use this funnel system for your product launch. This funnel can be used by those who are waiting to buy it and affiliates who are ready to promote the product.

Custom Funnel – This one can be used to create funnel system that you have in mind. You can easily customize it and convert it into a funnel system of your choice.

ClickFunnels has a different set of templates for each category of funnels and you can choose as you like or you can use their editor to create your own pages. If you want to create a funnel, then after logging in to your account, click on the “Add Funnels” button. This will take you to the page where members can see all the funnel types that are available for them to create.


Creating Your Own Funnel With Clickfunnels:

Choose the Funnel you want to create and click on the button Create Funnel. After this, you will be asked to write your funnel name. ClickFunnels will then produce a set of pages based on the funnel you have chosen. You can easily add and remove pages from your chosen funnel. If you are not clear on any part of the process, you can simply watch videos on different funnels. Watching these videos cleared up everything quickly, when we had doubts about parts of our funnels.

There are many advantages we can highlight about Clickfunnels. It is a very easy to use piece of software that can create complete funnel systems within a short time. Other systems typically offer one or two funnels with not much diversity between them like Clickfunnels.

Using Clickfunnels allows you to create many different funnels, hence there is no need to look for other solutions once your business has made progress. This flexibility in incomparable if we look at its competitors.

Users can integrates this system with many major email and payment providers. Numerous professional templates on each funnel category are available in the member’s area.

Review Verdict: Clickfunnels is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Clickfunnels


With a free trial, it is quite a no-brainer for all internet entrepreneurs to try out this program and see for themselves the results it can have on their business. In short, ClickFunnels is a legit product that you can use it to create a funnel system within your site to improve your site structure and get more leads and sales.

Clickfunnels has really taken our business to the next level, and we highly recommend it for all online business owners.


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Is Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Scam?

Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint REVIEW

Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Preview: (to pause video, simply tap/click on it)


Created by Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset for Sports Performance Enhancement

Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint is a new breakthrough body function workshop

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System Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint
Website URL
Trial Start Trial
Overall Score 9.2/10

FULL REVIEW OF Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint takes viewers through the complete systems used by Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset to assess, correct, and strengthen the hip and shoulder joints. It also shows how to train them, leading to bigger and faster results.

What is Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint All About?

This guide takes visitors through the complete solutions used by Tony and Dean to improve upper body and lower entire body durability and energy and resiliency. Dean and Tony show you how you can connect the dots from a thorough evaluation, understanding what remedial strategies are best, and ways to build an exercise program to help you and your clients from the most immediate way possible. Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint systems is also approved for NSCA CEUs. With Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint eBooks, members will be forwarded to the simple to follow details regarding how to access the video presentations collection. They can then download each of the video presentations.

Review Verdict: Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint is a legitimate product that works

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How To Access Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint?

The instructions to find and download the videos are simple and easy to do. Together with the video presentations, members may download and print detailed handout of each one of the presentations.

With the handout in movie and hands presentation in your gadget, you are ready to experience the videos and understand a variety of the workouts. You can see the video reports when you want, on your own pace and check out any areas of the video display whenever you like. Plus, members will get lifetime entry to all of the video demonstrations. If any technical problems appear, or need assistance with anything, members can email Tony and Dean. Although the shoulder is one of the body’s most functional and cellular important joints, it is also very prone to injuries.

A shoulder dislocation happens when the left arm bone pops out of the shoulder plug. Often, with the effect of a strong blow or intense rotation, a shoulder dislocation forms a visible deformity, immediate inflammation, intense soreness and lack of movement from the joint.

What Are The Benefits of Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint?

Understanding how to care for a dislocated shoulder may help you in recuperation. Let Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint manual benefit yourself and the people around. If you are searching for a solution to help you to assess and enhance the two most widely used joints on the human body and everything that concerns them, and aid your clients to see bigger and faster outcomes than they ever considered possible, this seminar sequence will be an enormous value to you and your customers. There is no risk at all to suit your needs when you consider The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint seminar.


Verdict: Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint is a legitimate product that works

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Should You Download Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint?

Allow Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset to help you or they will refund your order should you not be thrilled with how this program aid your clients fight back from injury.



Conclusion about Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint


Your total satisfaction is completely guaranteed with this system.

If you are not able to say you figured out something new or valuable from watching them, you can still get a full refund within up to two months of the original purchase, even after you have watched all the videos and downloaded all the materials.