Tesler Trading System Review – Is Tesler SCAM?

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Tesler Trading System REVIEW


To summarize, the Tesler trading app claims to offer a simple way for you to effortlessly earn hundreds of dollars per hour without lifting a finger. The app is marketed as having a proven formula for successful trades, and all you need to do is make a deposit and activate it to start generating profits on autopilot. However, I can confidently say that this is a complete scam. I have previously exposed similar trading scams, and the individuals behind them continually rebrand their “systems” and “apps” under new names to evade negative reviews and deceive unsuspecting people. The Tesler trading app is just the latest iteration of this scheme, with previous names including Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Cycle, and Prime Advantage. As you will soon discover in this Tesler review, the app is no different from its predecessors.

Tesler App Scam Review-Latest NEWSThe fake trader involved in Tesler’s videos is a paid actor featured in other proven scams like “Swarm Intelligence”

How Does The Tesler Scam Work?

In summary, the Tesler website is merely a gateway to connect you with an unverified brokerage service. It is likely that Tesler receives a commission for every lead they generate. Once you make a deposit and provide identification and proof of residency, an “account manager” will contact you to explain their program verbally. It is important to ask for all fees related to withdrawal, commissions, membership, account closure, etc. to be sent in an email, especially if they can be deducted from your account balance.

Be cautious if you see a large profit in your account immediately after trying the platform because this is just a strategy to get you excited and upsell you on something. In some cases, a substantial amount is credited to your account for trading leverage, but this is not guaranteed profit. If you decide to withdraw your money, they may demand a fee through transfer or credit card, claiming that regulations prohibit them from deducting it from your account balance. This fee can be exorbitant, and you might be tempted to pay it to avoid losing your profits. However, once you pay, they may come up with another problem that requires more money to solve.

It is worth noting that the company is challenging to trace because they have established themselves in several layers, with multiple addresses and contacts. They may attempt to prove their legitimacy by citing their regulation in another country, but this is often a red flag. Additionally, they will use different phone numbers to contact you, and there is no clear line of communication. Everything is verbal or through screen sharing, and they don’t ask you to sign any agreements or terms of service.

In conclusion, unless you have an abundance of disposable income, it is best to avoid Tesler and similar schemes. The saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” certainly applies in this case. It is also worth mentioning that the CEO featured in their sales video is an actor, which is a significant red flag.

Tesler App Review – Why Is Tesler Just Another Crypto Trading Scam?

Official Scam Warning from the UK FCA regarding Tesla Trading


Zemusoft Review – Is Zemusoft Legit? TRUTH EXPOSED

Have you stumbled across this new software called Zemusoft, touted as the new trading software that can give you financial freedom? DON’T JOIN before you read what we have found!!

Zemusoft Review, Crypto SCAM Exposed! | Binary Scam Alerts

This time Rhys Lakem and his band of thieving crooks who are the so-called “masterminds” behind the Zemusoft SCAM  app and trading robot are claiming they can make money for you by exploiting a loophole in cryptocurrency exchanges. These liars are also saying Zemusoft “handles stocks and bonds”, which is a contradiction in terms and at best NOT clear. In fact, now we know its just a lie and will back up our assertions with verified proof.

These scam artists are saying their cheating arbitrage system achieves a 95% level of accuracy, but the truth and the facts tell a different story. In reality, when you signup for the fraudulent Zemusoft system you are actually signing up for an offshore broker (in our case it was GFC Investment). This is our biggest problem with Zemusoft, and that’s because the registration process is not done in a fully transparent manner. In essence, the victim (that’s you) is totally misled and manipulated into providing his personal and confidential financial data to an offshore broker without even realizing it. It is for this reason our staff of researchers believe that there is nothing legit or genuine about Rhys Lakem and Zemusoft, and consequently this system should be BLACKLISTED without further ado. Still think you can make money with Zemusoft? Well, before you pull out your credit card and regret it for the rest of your life we would like to invite you to read our enlightening and informative Zemusoft review to see how we exposed this latest legit.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Areazemusoft.com

Proof of SCAM
Here is the primary sales page and registration area for the Zemusoft software. In it you can clearly see an image of someone who claims his name is Rhys Lakem, the person behind Zemusoft.

And right next to him you will find an image our research staff was able to produce after searching a very well-known image bank. As you can see for yourself, Lakem is not a real person and his picture was taken directly from Shutterstock. Still don’t believe us? Well, keep reading.

Here we can see one of the “lucky few” people who testified they made a killing using the Zemusoft auto-trading software.

In reality this person is a fiverr actor (see below) and we are willing to bet our bottom dollar he is totally clueless about any form of online trading (much less cryptocurrencies).

There is not one single testimonial which is not forged, and the whole members section is totally fake and full of random pictures illegally stolen from the internet without any type of written approval. There is also a ton of hype and exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, and just utter lies. How upsetting is that right?

Who Is Rhys Lakem and Is He Really The Person Behind Zemusoft?
According to the sales script Lakem graduated from Cambridge with a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering around the time when cryptocurrencies hit the world. But he was in debt and had to accept a two-year contract with a corporation as he had no choice and had to do the dirty work for “suits”. He was able to purchase a few Bitcoins and did some mining when it was still easy to do. Eventually he forgot about those Bitcoins until 2017 when the price of Bitcoin climbed. He cashed out, quit his job, and gathered a team of highly experienced Blockchain technology professionals. In reality Lakem does not exist, and we proved that already.

Zemusoft Review: Fake Testimonials and Fraudulent Investment Platform
If fortune hasn’t smiled upon you recently, if you have been struggling to make end’s meat, it’s time to get ready to change all that. Or is it? Zemusoft claims it offers a reliable stocks and bonds trading software. However, in the same exact sales page you will also see it is marketed as a software which offers “free access to the cryptocurrency trading industry”. Are you confused? So are we, and we believe Zemusoft is a complete and total FLOP for various reasons. First of all its legit, we tried it and lost all our money in a matter of seconds. Secondly its not going to work for these marketers because their message is conflicting and incoherent. First they say it involves trading stocks and bonds, and then they mention crypto, who knows what else is brewing behind the scenes but any way you look at it Zemusoft stinks to high heaven.

The Rich Gurus, A Recurring Motif With Scam Artists
As we continue we can see the usual out-of-context use of rich celebrities such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates. This is followed by an invitation to join the program, get your piece of the bitcoin pie, and activate the “life-changing crypto app” which runs on auto pilot. After that there are some highly questionable claims about a software which wins 9 out of 10 trades without any regards for the direction Bitcoin was taking (up or down). Obviously that is another sleazy lie so don’t believe it.

How Does The Zemusoft SCAM Work?
According to the video presentation Lakem understood that creating a crypto network was a competitive business, so instead he decided to profit from the coins which are already gaining speed. That’s how Zemusoft was born, and the profit is made according to the price changes of OTHER currencies (not his own). He claims his software taps in the price differences which exist between exchanges and profits from the changes after carrying out analysis. That is how the arbitration works according to Lakem, and he continues to lay it on really think about how the app chooses only the most profitable trades which are “certain wins”. Lakem mentions these three points as he tries to explain how the software works.

  1. It gathers information from all exchanges
  2. Discovers trends in price movements
  3. Opens positions in both upwards and downwards trends.

People Getting Scammed and Ripped Off With Zemusoft
We have received multiple complaints in regards to the Zemusoft trading app, and they are all crying about a losing software which stole their money and brokers that keep calling them to deposit more funds. Please make sure to AVOID Zemusoft as it is an extremely misleading and deceptive software (we can’t overstate this).

Its Not Free
Zemusoft will cost you at least $250 to get started, and that money will be deducted from your credit card by the broker what was allocated to you.

Fake Zemusoft Reviews
Here we have a network of fake reviews sites which are endorsing Zemusoft (shame on them). Contrarily, you will also see reviews sites advising you to avoid using software like Zemusoft and check out some BINARY OPTIONS BROKER like IQ Option. While we have no specific issues with brokers like IQ Option, we will never recommend anything even remotely related to Binary Options because that with the exception of 3 regulated exchanges (Nadex, CBOE, and Cohen Exchange) the whole binary options industry is a SCAM and that is due to the structure of the financial instrument. Meaning your loss is the brokers gain, and even if that broker has all the right certifications, it doesn’t change this fact so don’t take the bait. Other fake reviews sites will rightfully blacklist Zemusoft, but tell tell you to join Maximus Crypto Bot, which is probably the most corrupt and fraudulent trading system being peddled online today.

Some Viable Alternatives
There are so many legit systems and brokers out there, but once in a while a legit system actually hits the market and that’s when we start to test it. If it produces money consistently we add it to our recommended section so check it out!

Zemusoft Review Conclusions, Recommendations and Some Helpful Tips
The Zemusoft SCAM automated trading system by Rhys Lakem has managed to slip under the radar until now. But we caught these cheaters red-handed and we are not going to let them get away with their misdoings. The crooks operating behind the scenes here are very professional legit artists who understand how to bait and trick unsuspecting opportunity-seekers looking for a legitimate trading system. These charlatans are also very well-known in the legit-crypto and binary options scene and are directly responsible for defrauding thousands of victims. To top it all off, there are no professional Bios available or LinkedIn profiles. In crypto there is usually a product road-map or whitepaper which explains about the technology and the people behind it. In this case we are totally left in the dark and that is not very surprising due to the extremely dubious nature of the blacklisted Zemusoft legit trading system. So please, don’t get tempted and never divulge your credit card information.

Void Bag Review – Is Void Bag Shielding Device Legitimate?

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Void Bag Shielding Device is a new breakthrough privacy and protection device

Read 100% Free Void Bag REVIEW by Scamorno Team


Product Void Bag Shielding Device
Website URL www.ceceswarehouse.com/VoidBagShieldingDevice
Trial Start Trial
Overall Score 9.5/10

FULL REVIEW OF Void Bag Shielding Device

Are you looking for the truth regarding the Void Bag Shielding Device from Cece’s Warehouse, and does it really work effectively in helping its users to protect their electronic equipment by shielding them from nefarious electromagnetic technology and electromagnetic interferences (EMI)? This Void Bag functions by enveloping electronic devices with an electrostatically conductive substance, commonly referred to as a Faraday cage or Faraday shield. This specialized bag effectively absorbs and disperses electromagnetic energy, thereby safeguarding the enclosed phone from its harmful effects.

There are two available sizes of this bag. The medium-sized variant, constructed with PU leather, accommodates mobile phones, credit cards, and key fobs. On the other hand, the larger bag, crafted from fireproof nylon, provides ample space for tablets, phones, key fobs, and various other items.=

Visit ThoughtOperaMoonReading.com Website

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of The Void Bag Shielding Device?

  • RFID Blocking Phone Pouch

The Void Bag Shielding Device blocks signals from cell phones, ensuring privacy and security during conversations. It safeguards the user’s phone by preventing both incoming and outgoing signals.

  • The medium bag isconstructed with premium PU leather material

With this feature, the bag exhibits durability and a luxurious aesthetic. It offers reliable protection against scratches, dents, and other potential damages that can occur during regular phone use.

  • Serves Multiple Purposes

This versatile bag serves multiple purposes, accommodating not only phones but also ID cards, credit cards, bank cards, key fobs, and other small items that require information protection. Its electromagnetic field effectively prevents electronic pickpocketing and skimming.

  • Sturdy Closure

To ensure the phone’s safety and security, the Void Bag features a sturdy closure that minimizes the risk of accidental slippage or unauthorized access.

  • Compact Size

With its compact size, the Void Bag is easily portable and can be conveniently carried in a bag or backpack. This makes it suitable for everyday use as well as travel purposes.

  • Waterproof and Fireproof

The large bag is crafted from waterproof and fireproof nylon, a robust synthetic polymer known for its strength and durability. This material choice ensures reliable protection for the phone against both water damage and fire hazards.

Void Bag (Faraday Bag) v1.2

Visit Void Bag Shielding Device Website

Consumer Alert Regarding Void Bag Shielding Device

The success of Void Bag Shielding Device has given rise to many frauds who try to sell their own fake bags in its name. This is a big issue as many customers have lost their money in joining from such fake sites. It is advised that customers should be really careful when they are joining and should do some research before they join from any website. To spot these, watch out and avoid sites that claim to write about Void Bag Shielding Device, yet the write-up is completely garbage and unreadable as they are created by software and spammed all over the internet. It is always better to avoid joining from any other site other than the official one. Therefore, it is highly advised that consumers do careful research, or only join from the site from the official website here – http://ceceswarehouse.com/VoidBagShieldingDeviceOfficial (link opens in a new window). The official website that they have includes the legitimate void bag.


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