Forward Head Posture Fix Review – Is Forward Head Posture Fix Scam?

Forward Head Posture Fix REVIEW

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Created by fitness and injury specialists Mike Westerdal & Rick Kaselj for fixing head posture problems

Forward Head Posture Fix is a new breakthrough solution for the sedentary lifestyle

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FULL REVIEW OF Forward Head Posture Fix

If you find yourself experiencing back, shoulder and neck strain from poor posture, this Forward Head Posture Fix system is the solution you have been looking for. Many of us have a mostly sedentary lifestyle that involves many hours per day of sitting at a desk.

Why Was Forward Head Posture Fix Created?

Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles can result in poor posture which can cause additional strain on the shoulders, neck and back. As well, this type of poor posture can result in an increase in stress and anxiety as well as making you feel tired and depressed.

Stop for a moment and note the way that you are sitting. Is your your shoulders back and are back straight? Or, like most people, are you hunched forward with your head and neck extended towards the computer screen? If you have poor posture and you sit with your shoulders hunched and your neck forward, you are causing unnecessary pain to your body and damage to your spinal cord. When you retrain your body to sit with proper posture, you will protect your spine, reduce that pain and feel strong and balanced.

Review Verdict: Forward Head Posture Fix is a legitimate product that works

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What Can You Expect To Learn From Forward Head Posture Fix?

The Forward Head Posture Fix program outlines the special “sequential flow” method that will help to train your body out of poor posture habits.

You’ll learn a lot from the program, including how to know if the damage already caused to your neck, shoulders and back is permanent or can be fixed. The Forward Head Posture Fix program will outline many little things that you can do to stop the discs in your neck from being damaged any further. It also contains information about Dowager Hump, which is a serious rounding of the back which is caused by poor posture.

When you acquire the Forward Head Posture Fix program you will receive the main manual, as well as the step by step videos featuring expert Rick Kaselj. These videos will give you a visual demonstration of the steps, which makes everything much easier to understand. You will be able to follow along with the videos so that you can follow every step within the “sequential flow”.

What Is Contained Inside Forward Head Posture Fix?

It features the “10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions” guide, which will help to fix poor sleep quality and the bad health issues that it will cause. Also, it contains the “Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit” video which will outline the lifestyle factors that can result in forward head posture and back pain. It will advise you on practical tips for changes you can make to your life so that you can eliminate these issues.

The program addresses the issue of forward head posture, which is also called the “texting neck.” Instead of a straight posture or a powerful strong chest, your shoulders are hunched forward and the back is curved. The head is drooping down, usually due to staring at a computer screen or a smartphone. This poor posture is not healthy and it also looks unsightly and weak. The program offers simple exercises that you can do which will restore balance to your posture, improve your mental performance, make you stronger, reduce aches and pains and protect the health of your spine.

The neck is supposed to remain straight and vertical so that it supports the weight of the head in a straight line down through your body. If the neck is forward then the weight of your head (about 10-12 pounds) pulls on the neck and puts pressure on the spine. When you slouch with your head forward it makes you look up to 2 inches shorter and 5-10 lbs heavier than you really are. The benefits of this program go beyond the physical. Poor posture can also have an effect on mood, which would decrease your energy and lead to a depressed state.

Correcting your forward head posture will also improve your quality of sleep and help to open up your airway to assist with snoring and sleep apnea. Also, because this neck posture decrease breathing and reduces lung capacity, correcting this problem will help you to get more oxygen and perform better athletically. Users of the Forward Head Posture Fix program have said that it helped to decrease pain, ease tension and provide for better posture, which made them appear taller and look younger.

Also, it helped with headaches and muscle soreness that is the result of improper posture. The benefits of improving your posture are many and this system makes it easy to learn how, by laying it out step by step with helpful videos to follow.

Review Verdict: Forward Head Posture Fix is a legitimate product that works

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Who Created Forward Head Posture Fix?

The Forward Head Posture Fix program was created by Mike Westerdal, who is a fitness & sports nutrition expert, personal trainer and the founder of He has worked together with Rick Kaselj, who is himself an injury specialist and kinesiologist. They have developed what he calls the “sequential flow” method in order to correct this damaging forward head posture

Review Verdict: Forward Head Posture Fix is a legitimate product that works

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Conclusion about Forward Head Posture Fix


The Forward Head Posture Fix program makes it simple, by outlining the exercises you can do and explains them visually making them very easy to follow. Why spend your days suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain & damaging your body, when you can learn how to stand and sit strong and tall?

Download the Forward Head Posture Fix program so that you can start making healthy changes and correct your posture today.



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